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With the Surprise Calendar Template, patterned after the Advent calendar, find out everyday a content shared as a team: best practices, information, video, articles, ... Whether your objective is to train, to inform, to share informal content or simply to create a bond between the members of your team, you can hide everything in your Surprise Calendar. From ideas to images, web links, videos, Klaxoon activities, Questions, reveal a box everyday and let the team discover the new content.

Use the Surprise Calendar whiteboard to motivate your team and have fun

Do you need to motivate your team within a set time frame? Take another look at how you share best practices? Or do you just want to keep team members connected? The Surprise Calendar template is perfect for this, and very easy to use.

With the Surprise Calendar template, learn something new every day from content shared by the team on the Klaxoon collaborative whiteboard: best practices, information, videos, articles and more. Just like an Advent calendar, share content for a fixed period of time. Whether you use it for training, information, informal sharing or just team cohesion, you can hide it all in a surprise calendar. Reveal a new box every day and the team can get to grips with the content on offer.

Every day, your team unveils the content hidden behind a square to discover useful and fun content.

Why you should use the Surprise Calendar to make teamwork funnier

New flexible working and hybrid collaboration models, such as flexi time, remote working, remote meetings or using mobile phones, can impact your team cohesion. Fun collaboration tools are vital to stay connected with your colleagues and learn more about them to successfully complete your projects.

The Surprise Calendar whiteboard is very easy to use. You can fill its 24 boxes to share a wide range of content such as videos, web pages etc., along with Klaxoon activities (quizzes, polls or challenges for example). Let your creativity run wild as the team opens a new box every day. A user-friendly way to share information!

As an additional bonus, the team can look at this content on their own, and what’s more you can get all their feedback in one place with Questions.

How to use this collaboration tool

It's easy - just act like Santa Claus to stimulate your team and show you care about them! First, decide what content you want to share on the whiteboard with your team members. It can be text, web or video links, drawings, photos, and even links to another Klaxoon activity.

You can either fill in the calendar on your own as the facilitator, or ask your team to send you content to share to create a truly collaborative calendar on the whiteboard. Once you have all the content, you just have to drop it on the calendar numbers and hide it behind them. To do this, choose an idea, then click on the three vertical dots and click “Move behind”.

And that's it, you’re all set! Launch the whiteboard in animator mode, so you’re the only one who can open the boxes, and then invite your employees.

Every day, together, remotely, in a meeting room, or even asynchronously, you can reveal the content by clicking on the right number and deleting the square at the top.

Be sure to encourage participants to discuss that day’s content. You can also ask a question about specific content on the Surprise Calendar using the Question tool (votes, polls, brainstorming etc.).

There's a specific space for feedback, under the calendar, where you can save and share all your feedback; your own after one month of using the Surprise Calendar, and feedback from your team as well. A fun way to convey what you want and what interests you!

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