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Surprises calendar

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With the Surprises Calendar Template, patterned after the Advent calendar, find out everyday a content shared as a team: best practices, information, video, article, etc.Patterned after the advent calendar, share content with your team over a fixed period of time.Whether your objective is to train, to inform, to share informal content or simply to create a bond between the members of your team, you can hide everything in a surprises calendar. Ideas, images, web links, videos, Klaxoon activities, questions, etc. Everyday, reveal a box and let the team discover the new content.

Discover a new content every day with the Surprises Calendar!

Need to facilitate the team around a topic within a certain time frame? Need to revisit the way you share good practices as a team? Or you simply want to keep social ties between team members?

The Surprises Calendar Template is ideal and very easy to use. How does it work? Like an advent calendar, unveil every day the content you have prepared: a link to a video, an article or a web page, a photo, a Klaxoon activity... in short, the possibilities are endless. The team can have a look at the contents independently and to go even further, you can gather consolidated feedback with Question.

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