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Recruitment monitoring

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With the Recruitment Monitoring template, manage the recruitment process as a team, centralize information and facilitate interactions throughout the process. Recruiting is a real team work that requires to pilot and follow up the process in a simple and efficient way! For this, make the Recruitment Monitoring template the team's dashboard: keep track of exchanges with the candidates you meet step by step, easily integrate operational managers via Questions, and centralize all the information.

The Recruitment Monitoring template is an effective HR dashboard to help you hire future talents for your team

Hiring is one of the most strategic steps for the success of a team and its projects. The Klaxoon whiteboard goes the extra mile to make this important task easier for you. With this effective hiring dashboard you can set up a seamless, well-organized process. This Recruitment Monitoring template is a fully customizable dashboard to identify candidates, manage initial contacts and interviews, and centralize all the necessary documents and feedback.

How can you use this hiring dashboard to select the right candidates?

For true teamwork when it comes to finding the best talent, this Recruitment Monitoring template helps you to manage your hiring as a team, making it accessible and easy to view so you can track it on a daily basis.

This HR dashboard can help you do this in a number of ways. Like traditional project management, you can use it to centralize all the relevant information and facilitate interactions throughout the process. Recruitment involves many players: human resources managers, team managers, operational teams etc. Whether you are attending an HR meeting in person or remotely, the Question feature in the Klaxoon platform makes this company wide process a breeze.

In addition, you can immediately see the changing status of candidates thanks to the customizable colors, categories and dimensions features. Just be sure to update the Board regularly during the process. Accessible and visual, this HR dashboard enables you to share your opinions and centralize all the information collected in one place, to make decisions collectively and efficiently. You can also get feedback after an interview, decide to continue or stop any particular process. In short, you avoid lengthy discussions, cut down on emails and this more proactive approach to recruitment management is a real time saver. Basically, you improve the process as a whole, keeping track of potential new hires in the future.

Easily get a candidate through the recruitment process in a visual way

How does your recruitment process work with the Recruitment Monitoring template?

Once the invitations to your Recruitment Monitoring Board have been sent, ask the participants involved in the recruitment process to post an idea, with their photo and first name. Using the Category menu, set up the key stages in the recruitment process (interview, GO, talent pool etc.). In Dimensions, you can mention the HR contact responsible for this recruitment, and the job title of the position applied for.

Then, invite recruiters to look at each candidate file, adding their personal information as a caption, their photo, dimensions and category. This is when the Klaxoon Question tool is especially useful: to ask the recruitment team about the candidate’s progress, and share the necessary documents with them. In the discussion thread in a Question, you can attach a prequalification file, a screenshot of the resume, a URL link to your applicant processing software, a LinkedIn profile or website link, interview reports etc.

The layout of this recruitment tracking board means that all team members can update the recruitment process in real time, by moving an applicant's picture depending on their progress, by adding an interview date or amending their category as it changes.

Use the column view during team catchups and with managers to get a quick and comprehensive overview of an applicant’s progress, thanks to colors and dimensions. You can then have a Live discussion, using the Board's integrated video conferencing tool, and decide together of the next steps for a candidate.

If we have any advice for a team approach to simple and effective hiring? Each time the candidate reaches a new stage, create a new follow-up question. That way, you can engage with different people at each stage of the recruitment process, without getting lost. Resources, reports and discussions are attached to each file and stay with it throughout the process for truly structured tracking. Then all you have to do is welcome new talent to your team!

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