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How to prepare and teach online classes


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Yulia Leborgne
Digital communication teacher

Yulia Leborgne teaches digital marketing at several journalism and business schools in Lyon, France. To be able to teach remotely, while continuing to stimulate her students' interest and engagement, Yulia uses Klaxoon.

Yulia teaches the theory and practice of digital marketing, community management, and SEO.

She heard about Klaxoon in a meeting with colleagues and decided to use it to adapt her classroom content for online classes. Her goal: to continue to offer interesting and interactive classes, even remotely. Watch the video to see how Klaxoon enables Yulia to adapt her classes.

The students told me it was the best online class they’ve had! I haven't reinvented the wheel, but from how they reacted to it, clearly they found it exceptional.Yulia Leborgne, trainer and remoteworker in France

Preparing online classes easily with Klaxoon

The Network, a unique workspace for sharing resources and activities with Klaxoon

One of Yulia's classes is on how to create a Facebook page and an Instagram account. The first lesson in this course deals with promoting Facebook and Instagram accounts through contests. It’s a 3-hour, online lesson, divided into 3 parts, with about 20 students all learning remotely. To prepare this first lesson, Yulia opened a Klaxoon Network; a private digital workspace into which she uploaded all the content, resources, and activities she wanted her students to have access to. Yulia then simply shared the Network with the participants by sending them a link. Students who join the Klaxoon Network can access the presentation and take part in activities prepared by Yulia in advance.

Klaxoon Network created by Yulia to share activities with her students in a private group.

Engaging participants and assessing what they know before lessons.

Yulia organizes online brainstorming sessions before each lesson, to assess what her students remember from the previous lesson and to prepare them for learning a new subject. To do this, Yulia opens a Klaxoon Brainstorm in the Network and posts an idea featuring a Question, for example: "What are the key components of a Facebook page and an Instagram account? Students are invited to respond by posting their suggestions.

Ideation Brainstorm launched by Yulia to invite her students to reflect during her online class.

Collaborative tools for combining theory and practice

Organizing dynamic and participatory classes with Meeting

During the first hour of the lesson, Yulia shares theoretical content on how to organize contests on social media. To scroll through her presentation and launch activities throughout the session, Yulia prepared a Meeting and added it to the Klaxoon Network she shares with her students.At the beginning of the lesson, Yulia activates the Prez Sync: students then automatically follow the presentation and the activities launched by their teacher live on the screen of their smartphone, computer, or tablet. This synchronization makes for a more fluid distance learning class and means the presentation is easier to follow.

Using Klaxoon has enabled me to make my classes livelier, which is very important when working with young people who live in a digital world.  Nowadays, to attract and keep the students' attention, you have to arouse their curiosity, find tools that make the course more interactive, otherwise you lose them: Klaxoon ensures the students aren’t watching Net*** while I'm talking.Yulia Leborgne, teacher

Keeping students' attention and ensuring they participate

To start lessons and ensure that students are engaged from the get-go, Yulia kicks-off Meetings with an ice-breaker; a simple activity to quickly get the group on board before the class begins. Yulia asks a first, simple question: "have you ever entered a contest?", to which everyone answers yes or no. Objectives:

  • Check that the whole group is connected
  • Capture the students' attention from the very beginning of the lesson
  • Set the tone for the lesson by showing that it will be participatory
To get her online class off to a good start, Yulia sends her students a Question.

Yulia sends Live Questions throughout her presentation, to keep the students' attention, boost engagement, and alternate between theory and participation. For example, Yulia launches a Word Cloud to get them to guess what steps are involved in creating a contest before presenting the methodology. This question forces students to think and immerse themselves in the topic.

It also means that Yulia gets an idea of the group’s level of knowledge before tackling the topic, and she can adapt her lesson accordingly in real time. Yulia notes that students are more active and attentive than during face-to-face lessons. Why is that?

Klaxoon activities stimulate curiosity, involve each participant individually, and allow for more interactivity. For example, during a classroom lesson, only one person can answer at a time, and it's always the same people who tend to participate. With Klaxoon, everyone is invited to express themselves.

Organize group work and a time for feedback

After this first hour of theory distance learning, the group splits up into groups for 1 hour, in order to prepare a contest. At the end of this hour of preparation, each group takes turns presenting their project. Yulia then launches a Klaxoon Survey and everyone votes for the best project.The results appear on the screen in real time, and Yulia can generate an automatic report.

Instead of doing surveys and questions verbally, orally, or on paper, I do the same thing, but through Klaxoon. Having the right tools is essential to being an active, interesting, and useful teacher. Klaxoon adds value to the teacher's work.Yulia Leborgne, trainer and remoteworker in France
Yulia collects feedback from her students with the Survey app.
One day, we'll return to the classroom with two things:- students will want several of their face-to-face classes to become online classes- and Klaxoon will be used in the classroom in the same way: we will include its activities to make the lessons interactive, effective, and 100% relevant for my students.Yulia Leborgne, teacher and remoteworker in France

Thanks to Klaxoon, Yulia can reach her training objectives even remotely: learning is effective, students participate, they complete more exercises in less time, and they are engaged from start to finish.

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