Klaxoon launches the Klaxoon Open Platform


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The Klaxoon Open Platform opens up new potential for making the platform easier to use on a daily basis.

New features include : 

  • Klaxoon Developer Platform, for interoperability with all existing tools;
  • Google Calendar integration, for better day-to-day organization;
  • File Picker, to access files hosted on Cloud services directly from Klaxoon;
  • Zapier, to connect to over 1,000 available applications.

Klaxoon Developer Platform, everyday applications and services can now communicate with Klaxoon! 

With the Klaxoon Developer Platform, get ready access to all the information you need to register applications and use Klaxoon APIs. The possibilities are endless: collect an organization's event logs, launch Klaxoon activities directly from an application, manage users, connect applications to Board…

Workflows that can be implemented with the Klaxoon Developer Platform: APIs, Klaxoon Embed, Activity Picker and AuditLog. | Klaxoon
Set up workflows to suit your needs, whether you're in charge of the product or a member of the R&D team.

With the Developer Platform, you can now manage your data flows and interface your tools with Klaxoon in complete autonomy.

Logging on is easy: 

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Easier organization by accessing Klaxoon activities from Google Calendar

It’s never been easier to invite colleagues or clients to a meeting on Board, Just create, select and access a Klaxoon activity directly from Google Calendar. 

Now you can add the activity of your choice directly as an attachment to your event, enabling all participants to join in a single click.

Make sure you have authorized the Klaxoon application to access your Google Calendar in order to use the Klaxoon add-on.

To take advantage of Klaxoon on Google Calendar, you need to install the Klaxoon add-on available on Google Workspace. 

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Access to Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox files*

The new file selection module enables access to files or images hosted on Cloud services, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

This new feature, designed to facilitate and accelerate the integration of Cloud documents, complements the local option for adding files and images to Klaxoon.

In a console-based organization, a supervisor can control the authorization of these Cloud services from the console.

*Available in the second half of 2023

Powerful integration with over 1000 applications with Zapier

Create a Board automatically when launching a video? Turn an idea green in a follow-up Board when an e-mail has been sent? Update an idea by modifying a contact in the CRM?  

Zapier lets you automate tasks by connecting everyday applications, without needing to know how to code. Klaxoon now integrates seamlessly with Zapier, so you can trigger actions in Board directly from events coming from the many applications available on Zapier.

Klaxoon can now be integrated with over 1,000 everyday applications via Zapier: Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Office suite... | Klaxoon
Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack,... Connect Klaxoon to over 1,000 applications available on Zapier.

Available actions include:

  • Create a Board or an idea;
  • Update an idea;
  • Access an existing Board, idea, its categories, dimensions or color.

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With all these new features, Klaxoon goes a step further in making your day-to-day collaborative experience even easier.

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