Klaxoon included in 19 different reports in G2’s Fall 2022 Report release!


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G2’s Fall 2022 Report release reveals that Klaxoon has been included in two new reports. After G2’s Spring 2022 & G2’s Summer 2022 Reports releases, Klaxoon continues to make progress and gain more recognition.

Klaxoon was named a "Leader" in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid® Report for Visual Collaboration Platforms, Mind Mapping and Collaborative Whiteboard. | Klaxoon

Boston, September 22nd 2022 - According to G2’s Fall 2022 Report release, Klaxoon was mentioned in 19 different reports in three categories : Visual Collaboration Platform, Collaborative Whiteboard and Mind Mapping. After two reports in G2’s Spring Report release and 17 reports in G2’s Summer Report release, this continued growth is a proof of product excellence, market presence, and increasing satisfaction among Klaxoon customers.

Klaxoon was awarded with 11 Badges this Fall. More progress – the company got 10 in G2’s Summer Report Release. In details :

  • Klaxoon was named a "Leader" in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid® Report for Visual Collaboration Platforms.
  • Klaxoon was named a "Leader" in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid® Report for Collaborative Whiteboard.
  • Klaxoon was named a "Leader" in G2’s Fall 2022 Grid® Report for Mind Mapping.

Klaxoon was also recognized as “Leader” within the Collaborative Whiteboard category by Enterprise customers. 

Among other accomplishments :

  • Klaxoon earned “Best Relationship” recognition for Visual Collaboration Platforms, Collaborative Whiteboard and Mind Mapping.
  • Klaxoon earned “Leader” recognition for Collaborative Whiteboard for Enterprise customers

These results reward the efforts of Klaxoon teams who give quality service to all their customers. G2’s “Best Relationship” badges are given based on three main performances : ease of doing business with, quality of support and likelihood to recommend.

Quote from Brianna Bakwa for Klaxoon being included in G2's Fall 2022 Reports. | Klaxoon

G2 reviews are based on verified customer reviews.

“Very user-friendly collaborative & online tool”

Klaxoon’s clients have testified about why they love Klaxoon on G2 website.

I’ve been using Klaxoon for the last 5 years, and it’s very easy to use and adopt to enhance new ways of working. The tool is very complete and can be used for many purposes. Klaxoon team is always available for helping. Daniela F., People Digital and Innovation Expert.

Daniela thinks that Klaxoon is “The best tool for enhancing new ways of working and collaboration”.

Making a large group of people (my last session was with 150 people) working together remotely on the same board without reducing too much collective intelligence power. Having a common digital space where anybody can be informed, or can contribute at any time (perfect for Visual Management for example). Pierre M., Innovation Consulting Senior Manager 

Since 2015, Klaxoon has been helping teams work better together on a daily basis. The steady increase in reports and badges from G2 is proof of strategy effectiveness and encouragement to continue.

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