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How to set up and facilitate Design Thinking workshops with Klaxoon?

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Mohamed Benkhodja
Digital manager, ENGIE

Mohamed Benkhodja is a Digital Manager at ENGIE. He uses Klaxoon to do Design Thinking and to accompany the teams of the ENGIE group in the digital transformation. With Brainstorm, he can facilitate all his workshops, get everyone involved, keep track of the exchanges and gain in efficiency to deliver more projects!

How does Mohamed implement the Design Thinking methods with Klaxoon?

To create an action plan and implement new working methods, Mohamed assembles a team of 5 to 10 people connected to a Brainstorm, whether they are in the office or remotely. Everyone sends their ideas to address irritants. Then the Like feature allows the team to prioritize the most relevant ideas, identified with the List view. On these ideas, Mohamed opens Word Clouds in which everyone is invited to brainstorm in order to find solutions. Finally, a Vote Question is used to determine which solutions will be implemented at the end of the workshop. With Klaxoon, the group achieves collectively the specifications in only 1 hour!

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