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Fresh eyes report

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The fresh eyes report is a strategic human resources management tool that new employees complete during their first month in the company. New co-workers will view it as a positive tool, giving them a chance to have their opinion heard from day 1. It is also a way of identifying areas for improvement within your company. Their fresh and spontaneous outlook is also a great opportunity for your company!

What is a fresh eyes report?

This strategic tool is now commonly used by human resources teams and aims to collect new employees’ impressions after their first month in the company.

Newcomers are invited to take a critical but constructive standpoint. They need to remain unbiased and to highlight both positive and negative points. The aim is to suggest areas for improvement for the benefit of the company as a whole.

An asset you can use to improve your newcomer induction process.

The practice shows that the company is employee-focused and that it is open to change and improvement. It sends a highly positive signal to newcomers, who will feel that their opinion matters and will in return be more committed to their new company.

It is also a way of ensuring that the new co-worker feels at home in their new working environment and of making any necessary adjustments.

As new employee recruitment comes at a substantial cost to the company, making sure that the process is successful is a key factor!

A continuous improvement tool for companies

When you have been for a company for a while, you get used to your working environment and can no longer step back and objectively assess processes and situations. Hiring a new employee is a great opportunity to collect fresh and spontaneous impressions. This valuable feedback sheds light on the company’s strong points as well as on what needs to be improved or what isn't working, with a view to making the necessary changes.

At different times, the newcomer completes his or her fresh eyes report, sometimes on computer, sometimes on smartphone.
Week after week, the newcomer gives his impressions on Board, during his first month of onboarding

Why use Klaxoon for your fresh eye reports?

Klaxoon offers well-tried tools that are ideal for creating fresh eyes reports

The fresh eyes report can be a bit unsettling for someone who has never completed one before. Put yourself in the shoes of a new employee for a second. It’s your first day at work and you’re a little nervous about what you’re about to find out: your new working environment, new practices, new colleagues, etc. And to top it all, you’ve been asked to draft a fresh eyes report that you have to present in a month’s time... Remember your school day memories of that dreaded essay you had to hand in?

Fortunately, Klaxoon turns the fresh eyes report into a relaxed experience for two reasons:

Board is a tool that promotes participation by helping team members to express and organize their ideas

Board is Klaxoon’s Workshop Platform’s flagship tools. This digital whiteboard is a highly efficient visual communication medium. It helps you express your ideas in various forms: text, images, videos, web links and any type of document (PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, etc.). They are materialized as colored thumbnails that can be categorized, placed and organized according to need.  

The ready-to-use fresh eyes report template guides your ideas

You can start a fresh eyes report on Board from scratch using the toolbar’s many available features. Why don’t you save time and use Klaxoon’s ready-to-use template?  You’ll find it in the Template library. It has all you need for a fresh eyes report: all your new co-worker needs to do is to follow the framework to express and organize their ideas hassle free.

Klaxoon facilitates feedback

In itself, the fresh eyes report is already a feedback collection document. Klaxoon takes it one step further with the Question feature. For a fresh eyes report in particular, you can use it in many ways:

  • The new employee can use the Question Storm to give their impressions on their first day in the form of a word cloud.
  • Every week, the assessment Question with 1 to 5 stars is useful for catching the mood of the last few days: a good way of making sure that the new employee is not experiencing any problems and that they have all they need to get their bearings. At the end of the first month, this type of Question is useful for assessing how well HR is helping in the induction process.
  • The multiple choice poll Question can be used to schedule a date for handing over the fresh eyes report and taking stock of the new employee’s first month with the company.
Using a Question Storm, the HR contact asks the newcomer to give adjectives to describe their first day. The answers appear immediately in the form of a wordcloud.
A Question Storm example to get feedback from the newcomer

The fresh eyes report with Klaxoon suits hybrid work processes, both on site and remote

As companies have increasingly opted for remote working, your new employee may only occasionally visit the office, especially if they are based in a different country. That has no impact on the fresh eyes report. Your new recruit can complete it and interact asynchronously with their HR contact or their manager, just like their colleagues on site. When you need to talk directly with your new co-worker (during the presentation and handover of their fresh eyes report), organize a meeting on the Board and enable the Live videoconferencing tool. This way you can interact as if you were physically present in the same place.

How to use Klaxoon to create a fresh eyes report

Use the Fresh Eyes Report template

Arriving in a new company means being immersed in an entirely different universe...It’s no coincidence that Klaxoon designed the Fresh Eyes Report Template with a galactic background! As a member of the human resources team or as a manager, share the link to the Board and the ready-to-use template with your new recruit then join the Board yourself in the office or remotely.

Tell your new co-worker how to complete the fresh eyes report

Tell them to take five minutes to fill in their report before they finish work each day. With this ready-to-use template, they can easily share and organize their impressions:

  • According to 5 categories: “My induction process”, “my missions”, ”the team”, “my working environment”, and  “other aspects”.
  • By associating a color with their level of appreciation. Green: “Things I liked”, red: “Things I wasn’t so keen on”, blue: “Things I would recommend for improvement”, yellow: “Neutral comment”.
  • By entering their comments in the dedicated areas.
  • By answering the various Questions mentioned above.

To sort their comments by order of importance, the employee can resize their ideas or “like” them with the “like” button.

Debrief with your new recruit

The new hire shares their impressions with their HR contact after a first month in the company. Both of them rely on the Board of the fresh eyes report displayed on their computer screens.
Newcomer and HR contact discuss the fresh eyes report, on Board

At the end of the first month, organize an interview with the newcomer and discuss their experience, either in the office or remotely (using the Live videoconferencing tool). Remember to use the timer to keep track of the conversation.

You can now add the fresh eyes report to your employee onboarding path!

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