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With the SketchMyProject Template, get a global overview of your project. Make it visual, shape it as you want and move forward as a team.Get a global overview of your project. Make it visual, shape it as you want and move forward as a team.When working on a project you need to share ideas, find solutions, make decisions and record what was discussed. With the SketchMyProject Template, everyone takes the space they need to get their part of the project moving forward. They challenge and explore existing ideas with Questions. Decision making is fluid and instantaneous.

SketchMyProject : project management by visual portrayal

The SketchMyProject template offers you a new set of tools to manage your projects, allows you to portray projects visually, and encourages team members to work and progress together.

If you’re working on one or several projects with your teams in hybrid mode (i.e. some at work and others at home or on the road), and you would like to try out an innovative, very dynamic new project management tool, take a look at our SketchMyProject template. As with art, sometimes when you take a step back, it all makes more sense, you see less of the individual patterns and colors, but rather the big picture, your whole project. This template helps you draw your project – during a brainstorming session – the way you really want it to be, and also achieve it faster thanks to improved teamwork.

SketchMyProject |Klaxoon

The power of visual management

As it name indicates, Klaxoon designed SketchMyProject for project professionals that have discovered – or are about to – the power of visual management. Presented in the form of a table, SketchMyProject is an exceptionally powerful project management tool that allows you to allocate tasks either by category, unit or individual work station.

Visual management on Board and SketchMyProject is very simple. Team members work together on the whiteboard, visually, as a group, on any component of the project. You may use pictures, drawings, shapes, colors, text or links to other visual documents doing so. This assures that meetings are dynamic events where progress made on work completed or current can be shared visually, at a glance. SketchMyProject is intelligent, centralized, easy to understand. Rather than keep to yourself the drawings, notes and remarks you jotted down at some point, or graphs you drew, or any other visual tool you crafted for your project, all of those visual aids you can share here on the whiteboard with your team mates. Because SketchMyProject requires teamwork. Gradually, you all fill out the template designed in such a way that it promotes innovation, participation and productivity.

Agile visual management is the door to the future of work

When people speak of the future of work, in our world of project management, one of the first thing it brings to mind is future social and technological trends and what their influence on business and projects would be. We know these trends will profoundly impact and change the way our teams meet, where they meet (for example remotely as opposed to at work), how they work together, and how our projects might be managed (for example in a macro as opposed to micro-managerial way) in the future. All around, we see innovation and change accelerating. It’s a real tidal wave. So, if we want to stay ahead of the pack, we’ve got to learn to take the tide at the flood. Which requires persistent flexibility. And which is why at Klaxoon we realized we need to design tools that will help our clients enter that new world of future work early on, to help you already adjust now, ride out the storms, take advantage of market surges and downturns, be transformed as well as becoming a transformer. SketchMyProject is one of these tools (our host of other agile project management methods you’ll find here) that we’re proud to offer to you.

Proud, yes, because we’re convinced the future of work will focus not only on technological but increasingly also on emotional intelligence to solve problems, improve relations with colleagues and clients, raise personal innovation levels, and ultimately increase project success rates, which is where SketchMyProject is leading. Also, in the future of work, it seems obvious that visual management will feature very prominently because it offers team members both more freedom and binds them into the team more closely. So SketchMyProject really is an early entrance to this vibrant future of work, brings it into your present-day work life as of today, and unlocks an infinite variety of shapes and forms in which our clients’ teams can come up with completely new ideas. Our clients’ more creative team members, in particular, simply love it. And the great communicators on their teams find that it offers new ways to connect and serve as the livewire links between the other members they’re so happy to be.

SketchMyProject |Klaxoon

SketchMyProject thus gives you an early taste of the future of project management, both of its individual and teamwork aspects. It also introduces a great deal of fun into your projects. Which, come to think of it, is another big deal. So, with increased efficiency to boot, with Klaxoon things are really looking good for the future of work.

Advantages for both project managers and team members

SketchMyProject is a visual management tool, and has been designed with your project outcomes first and foremost in mind. At the same time, it’s great fun to work with for individual team members.

With SketchMyProject, problems are solved fast and efficiently thanks to the template’s ability to promote the generation of new ideas. How? Well, for example, the whiteboard promotes creativity and proactivity in individual team members because it offers them freedom and an uncritical, safe space to put forward their thoughts. The result is solutions that more traditional brainstorming sessions can never achieve. Case in point, SketchMyProject fosters more relaxed teamwork and leads to more motivated, committed team members. All in all, your colleagues will value their inclusion on your team, be grateful for an opportunity to create with you and work alongside you right to your project’s end.

Template SketchMyProject |Klaxoon

Centralized groupwork for better project management

SketchMyProject is not only user-friendly in team settings but can also be used asynchronously, meaning that in addition to you and your colleagues using it for live meetings, outside of meetings too you can continue to work with it, for example addressing queries either to the whole team or individual members using the Question tool. And even in remote meetings you’ll find decision-making has never been easier than with SketchMyProject. So, outside of formal meeting times you can still log on and find all information on the whiteboard, updated as members report back on their progress. With members contributing whenever they want, SketchMyProject remains up to date and your project progresses 24/7/365. Bottom line: SketchMyProject saves you time and money and betters project management.

The visual dashboard is where your project lives, moves and starts its being

Launching an agile and creative project

It’s as a team that you build your visual management table. So step number one is to formally invite your new team members to a first SketchMyProject meeting. The template features a built-in invitation button. Just click it and select the names and email addresses of your invitees. Alternatively, copy the link generated by the whiteboard and paste it into the address line of your invitation email.

As with all Boards by Klaxoon, on SketchMyProject each participant can post, drag and drop his/her ideas onto and around the whiteboard wherever you want (provided you have enabled that option from the start). In fact, you can “draw” ideas without first presetting all options. Allow enough space on the whiteboard for members’ creativity to kickstart a truly virtuous cycle.

Once you and your team have finished creating a visual portrayal of your project, don’t forget to deactivate the option that allows the team to drag and drop drawings, pictures and shapes (i.e. click “Move”). To disallow any further movements click “Freeze”. Alternatively, you can opt to still be able to move posts one by one (i.e. your ideas, colleagues’ ideas, visual elements, etc.). Once the team is happy with the visual representation of the project you all created, save it. And voilà, your real-world project can start coming into being!

Example SketchMyProject |Klaxoon

Freedom remains the best project management tool

Great, the ball is rolling! Will you now first continue alone for a while? Or immediately get the team up and running? For you to decide. Next, what’s your first output? Will you launch a product? Or create a logo? Or plan a stand at a trade fair? Whatever you decide, SketchMyProject will adjust to all your ambitions, any budget, any project no matter how big or small. Feel the power!

Indeed! With SketchMyProject, you literally bring to life your project through pictures, drawings, shapes, colors, text and links to other online videos or documents. SketchMyProject literally allows you to realize anything! As they say, the sky’s the limit (just ask Bezos, Branson or Musk!).

Agreed! But how do we get there? One step at a time! Starting with optimum participation: as in when a team works on a project, each member needs to contribute ideas, suggestions, take in the opinions of colleagues, together work out solutions. But often words are not the best way to communicate creative thoughts. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Klaxoon’s solutions help you put those $1 billion ideas into pictures so you never walk right past genius solutions again! Traditional boardroom meetings kill most of those ideas. But SketchMyProject, with its visual management platform, flexibility and adjustability, makes it look easy and natural to find practical, innovative and even highly transformative solutions.

So, you start out by choosing the big themes, aims and main components of your project. You then add shapes and colors to them on Board. What you post there can be structured in any way you want. Forget the rigid and sterile ideas of traditional project management. Be set free! Let your thoughts go on anything and everything that will influence and make your project progress, and ultimately a success. Add a calendar to those ideas, right there on your whiteboard. Also add what inspires and motivates you personally. Describe each stage, from project start to end. And why not add a bit of multimedia! Another thing, to allow participants to find their bearings very fast, you could choose a color code for each person, unit or type of idea. This is what agile visual management is. Out of this world effective!

One last thing: SketchMyProject is suited to both short or ultra-long-term projects. Board itself is endless. So we advise you to post your main idea centrally on Board, i.e. with plenty of space all around it, because we foresee that you and your team will come up with a zillion ideas, ways and means to make that plan come together!

The F’s (fun and flexibility) of agile management

Isn’t project success sweetest when achieved through a combination of fun-filled meetings and the liberty for team members to work whenever they want? We think so too!

So, we designed SketchMyProject in such a way that at meetings team members remain free to choose whether they want to stick to their specialty or risk trying their hand at others’ areas of expertise. Whatever they choose, meetings are the time for members to take note of the contributions colleagues made to move from one project level to another, and get informed of what’s expected not only of themselves but also of team mates to reach the next level. SketchMyProject offers each member and the team as a whole the perfect space to achieve those new levels. With it, in a click or two, you all see the big picture, get a chance to report back, be informed and stay finetuned with the team as a whole.

Again, in between your get-togethers, you can continue posting information and documents on the whiteboard where your colleagues will be able to access it in their own time. So efficient teamwork continues 24/7, flexibly as well as respectfully of each one’s personality, preferences and individual work schedules.

Finally, the Questions tool enables you to ask advice from either the whole team or a specific team mate. Say, for example, you’ve just received a quotation for a certain product or service but aren’t sure the price is fair. Well, just post the document to the whiteboard and ask feedback from the whole team. Or, otherwise, say, you’re having issues with some tough aspect, or simply need more information before you place an order, something you want to discuss not with all but just one or two colleagues. In this case, simply formulate your question and add his/her name and email address in the space under your question, and he/she will be the only one(s) to receive it. In short, even between follow-up meetings, you all can continue to work side by side (or alone should you so wish), exchange, take decisions and progress toward your objectives.

In a nutshell, SketchMyProject is a great visual, intuitive, flexible and fun-filled project management tool. We created it in response to our clients requesting a solution that combines all of those features. We trust you too will find that visual project management adds a great deal of creative energy to projects (which affords our clients an early foot in the door towards the ‘future of work’). Take our word for it: added to the 1001 possibilities offered by Board, SketchMyProject will not only help you progress faster and more flexibly, but also put right back into project management all of the great fun it really is.

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