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Encourage the commitment of 1000 employees with concrete actions


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Sylvaine Houdy
Project Manager at the French Family Allowance Fund

Sylvaine Houdy is a project manager at the "Caisse d'Allocations Familiales du Rhône". This is a French public service that manages family allowances at the regional level. She works across the board with multidisciplinary teams who work mostly remotely since the first lockdown. The "CAF du Rhône" has more than 1000 employees. During a hackathon, Sylvaine was looking for the best way to engage employees. She found in Klaxoon the tool she was looking for. And here is how she explains using it in her projects.

The challenge: implement actions to encourage employee commitment

"The participatory approach is new for us! We have been working mostly remotely since the first lockdown.

As a manager, I quickly understood that Klaxoon was the right tool to meet these new challenges, because I work a lot in cross-functional teams. For example, we have used Klaxoon during a management practice transformation meeting or for a steering committee shared with other organizations. 

We are aware that we will be moving towards a hybrid model of remote working in the future.

Our seven-person project team participated in a hackathon on the topic of engagement. We had one week per team to develop a prototype project dealing with the following issue: what actions can be implemented to encourage employee commitment?

We therefore created the "Seeds of ideas" project and developed our Board, called "Let's Board ideas" (“DéBoardons d’idées”). The idea was to test it in our region, and then on the national level.

The solution: launch a Klaxoon Board to consult 1000 employees remotely

The goal of this Board was to involve all of the 1000 employees of the CAF du Rhône, even asynchronously, in order to identify an action that would consolidate the trust between them as a team. 

First, we have launched the project in 30 minutes, with a presentation of the topic and of Klaxoon. Then, we organized our project in four steps:

1. An ideation phase

The 1,000 employees had three weeks to submit their ideas - anonymously or not - on the Board. This was conducted on a voluntary basis. Here are some examples of ideas gathered during this first brainstorming phase: 

  • Create a choir
  • Set up team-building workshops
  • Shorten the hierarchical circuits

2. A voting phase

During the following week, everyone was able to choose the ideas that seemed the most relevant to them. On the Klaxoon Board, by using the "like" feature (the little heart to give to an idea), you can vote for as many ideas as you want, with only one vote per idea. When the votes are closed, you can switch to the column view to see the winning idea at a glance. You just have to sort the ideas from the most 'liked' to the least 'liked'.  

The project that received the largest amount of votes was the following: "Getting to know each other better beyond their job function". The idea is to propose a portrait of each employee: their values, their coat of arms, etc.

People working remotely on Board and running a brainstorming session with colleagues through videoconference.

3. Management of the project chosen by the team

When the idea is accepted, the person who came up with it joins the incubator. We put out a call to everyone else and thirteen people volunteered to join the project team. The group is piloting the project directly on the Board, so that everyone has an overview from start to finish.

4. The "Pépites Awards" to celebrate the success of teamwork

Once the idea is up and running, our goal is to install a plant in the cafeteria to symbolize the project. The whole process is immortalized and the pictures are shared on the Board to involve everyone, even those who work remotely.

We don't need to use several tools or to make restitutions. It's all-in-one: we can run everything from start to finish.

The result: large-scale teamwork becomes easy

Klaxoon really made our project feasible, fun and accessible to everyone: 

  • Visually, it really allows us to have a graphic identity. 
  • Everyone can follow the project from start to finish. 
  • The simplicity of Klaxoon means that all employees can use the platform, even those who have more difficulty with computer tools.
  • There are no limits: all 1,000 employees can submit their ideas and vote on the Board. What I particularly appreciate is the collaborative aspect of Board, on the scale of 1000 people! Plus, it remains easy to read.

A single space and a single tool: we can present the project, submit our ideas, vote, build and follow the project, and import a report of the project directly on our Board."

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