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Calendar 2023

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With the Calendar template, you can visually organize each month of the year and share this calendar as a team. Optimize your project management and keep each member of your team on track at a glance with this work planner. It’s easy to share your key dates as a team visually!

A calendar template to plan effectively the upcoming month and year

All projects have a start and end date. Be it short term or long term, planned in advance or last-minute, we always need a monthly, weekly or annual calendar to help us get more organized. This calendar template contains all the months of the year with a box for each day.

You can use it like this to view the whole year, or select only the months related to a particular project. As a team, plan your campaigns, product launches, customer appointments, steering or management committees, along with team holidays, birthdays and the dates of important events. The list of possibilities is endless and the infinite visual features of the Klaxoon whiteboard make the format fun!

The benefits of a shared online calendar template

Record events, conventions, project deadlines and seminars, plan campaigns, enter monthly goals, manage team holidays and celebrate birthdays. Whatever your sector, a team's year is punctuated by unmissable key dates.

What’s more, a weekly, monthly or annual online calendar is a must have tool for new hybrid teams that collaborate remotely, sometimes working from home, sometimes in face to face meetings, and often while travelling.

This calendar template is ideal for mapping out your year and tracking your project management. Get organized, plan visually with the Klaxoon whiteboard to find everything at a glance and be able to plan ahead effectively.

Never miss another deadline or team event!

In seconds, fill the calendar together with your team or whenever you need.

Organize your calendar template using the Klaxoon template

As always, start by inviting all your team members to your Klaxoon calendar template whiteboard. All participants can create and share ideas on the work planner. Text, drawings, photos, images or links to a video or document online; your team can mark days to remember any way they want! Remember to turn off the option to move drawings, images and shapes, so there’s no risk of changing an item added by someone else.

In a few clicks, edit the calendar legend to suit your team and projects. To keep information on the calendar to a minimum, you can also delete school holidays, which are automatically included, but might not be relevant.

Use the different idea colors and typefaces, categories and dimensions and the palette of graphic tools to customize your monthly calendar and make it both easy to read and fun.

Make life and project management easier by using the Question tool to ask someone in your team a question about an appointment or event noted in the calendar.

Finally, adapt this calendar template to suit you by removing the months that the team doesn't need, or by highlighting an important month.

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