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Before, during, and after: using Klaxoon to organize a PI Planning event from start to finish

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Keli Dias
Agile coach, NAVBLUE

From the preparation with Scrum Masters, to facilitating on-line workshops, Keli chose Klaxoon for simple, fluid PI Planning events with 100% participation. In order to prepare this Agile ceremony, Keli created a Network in which she launched a Board devoted to PI Planning. Using text, shapes, drawings, photos, links to videos or documents... everyone can customize the Board and adapt it to the needs of the workshop, remotely and simultaneously, in just a few minutes. This Board, created as a team, can even be used as a template for future PI Planning events. On the big day, a link to the Board is shared with the participants. Everyone logs on and the ceremony can begin!

It's possible to organize a PI Planning event with 100 people connected to the Brainstorm from India, France, and even Canada! Team Breakout, Risks, Planning… I did everything with Klaxoon!
Keli Dias

PI Planning: a key SAFe® ritual

The PI Planning ceremony is the starting point for an 8- to 12-week program intended to ensure a project's success. To synchronize the participants’ vision of the project, PI Planning events are held over one or more days of workshops. These workshops serve to optimize planning, understand the risks and the teams' capacity, define a timetable, and to align all the teams on a single objective.

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PI Planning : plan the whole of your multi-team project


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