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How to organize more effective and interactive meetings, internally and externally


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Marc Gigon
Microsoft, Global Digital Advisor

Whether they are important clients or his account executive colleagues, Marc Gigon, Global Digital Advisor at Microsoft, prefers to bring them together on the Workshop Platform. Using a ready-made template or a Board that he himself has customized, he saves time and improves efficiency, while boosting participation.

Marc Gigon, Global Digital Advisor at Microsoft, uses his energy expertise to help dedicated account executive teams in this sector of activity. He interacts with some of Microsoft's largest corporate clients. His mission is threefold:

  1. Help account managers achieve their sales targets
  2. Promote Microsoft credibility and build trust with key accounts
  3. Transfer knowledge about the clients in question to Microsoft engineers to best meet their needs and expectations.

Marc Gigon’s team is made up of 20 people, based all over the world, in Europe, North America and Asia.

The challenge: better remote collaboration

Like many people, Marc and his team have tried out different solutions to improve remote collaboration. Virtual brainstorming, work sessions using shared documents, etc. In his opinion, all these systems always had the same flaw: it was very difficult to harness the results. How to compile comments made in PowerPoint slides? Apart from being so time-consuming, how to ensure that the report does not just reflect the thoughts of the person who wrote it but is an objective overview of the exchanges that actually took place?

The solution: reinvent collaboration

Which is how Marc discovered Klaxoon. Since then, he has been using the Workshop Platform for everything. Internally, with his colleagues and account managers, and externally, with his clients. “I use Board for every kind of meetings or workshops”, he says. Thanks to Klaxoon and Board, its virtual whiteboard, he can make sure that everyone participates and shares the same perspective.

A template for each meeting

During these meetings and other workshops, Marc regularly uses the ready-to-use templates. He particularly likes the Rose, Thorn, Bud template, which is good for analyzing situations, collecting feedback easily and initiating collective discussions. It naturally feeds into his continuous improvement process.

Participants send their color coded ideas to the Board: pink for successes, blue for difficulties and green for opportunities and ideas to be explored. A great way to get rapid, visual feedback and create an instant action plan.

A Board with the ready to use Rose, Thorn, Bud template on a laptop screen | Klaxoon
A simple and effective color code to categorize team ideas in the blink of an eye!

A Board for each meeting

Marc often puts his favorite templates aside to explore the infinite possibilities of Klaxoon’s virtual whiteboard: “I create few lines and boxes, I ask my participants to send ideas in various colors and categories depending on the subject.” 

Marc has been known to launch a Board a few minutes into a meeting, even if he hadn’t planned to use Klaxoon, simply to “make sure that we get something out of the talk.” All it takes is a few minutes to write down vital information, post their ideas, “like” the ones that they think are best and they’ve created a kind of visual representation of the topic addressed.

The result: effective and interactive meetings

“Klaxoon creates efficiency: when I’m using the tool, I’m getting better commitment and better outcome”, Marc sums up. Very quickly and very simply, he collects the information he needs along with the opinions of all the various stakeholders. One “like” or vote later, and it’s prioritized. The time savings, both for preparation (estimated at 40% according to Marc) and reporting (20%) are pretty impressive.

What's more : participants can visualize their contribution. With the Workshop Platform, participation during Marc’s meetings and workshops increased by 25%. Thanks to Klaxoon, everyone feels they have been heard and everything they say is taken into consideration.

Marc Gigon, Microsoft: “Klaxoon creates efficiency: when I’m using the tool, I’m getting better commitment and better outcome.”

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