UI Online: to design as a team the ergonomics of your paper and digital models

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With the UI Online Template, define visually as a team, all your models in a single place before producing them.Working as a team, build and display your full web page mock-ups in record time.Using a single, visually attractive shared space, you can draw, share, swop ideas, delete or reposition items... Working as a team, step by step, you can gradually design the ideal interface, ready for implementation. You can also use this template to design other types of graphics for a newspaper, a newsletter, a promotional leaflet, etc.

Design effectively your models as a team.

According to what you want to show and the messages to pass on, define as a team the page architecture: start your reflection with a macro zoning to identify the complexes of your pages. Then, refine your reflections: text, visual, videos, action button... Before you, the model emerges as a team, ready to be produced! Thanks to to this template, manage efficiently all models' design project.

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