Risk Matrix: anticipate to better manage risks

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Risk Matrix

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Discover the Risk Matrix, to evaluate with your team, the risk, danger and opportunity probability of a project, and to build an action plan in order to solve them efficiently.

With your team, analyze any possible risks related to your project and decide what action is required. Use the Risk analysis Template to plan for future events and to imagine the necessary risk avoidance solutions. This template can be used either for a specific project where the future risks need to be assessed, or as part of a current corporate risk assessment exercise before implementing a risk management plan.

Carry out your project and manage your action plan together as a team.

Rely on this analysis template to anticipate or to identify the risks linked to your projects.

Thanks to the Risks Matrix Template, evaluate together, their probability and severity in order to prioritize them. Build an action plan to collectively bring solutions and assign the tasks to each member. With this template, develop a strategy simply and manage your project efficiently: in one place, work on the analysis, the action plan and the monitoring of the actions.

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