Planning Poker: anticipate the team's workload with agility

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Planning Poker

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With the Poker Planning template, determine together the workload needed for a team to carry out a series of actions and to manage your project efficiently.As a team, use a fun tool to estimate the time needed to complete each task of a projectPlanning Poker® is an agile project management technique invented in 2002 to provide time estimates for the development of each action of a project or a sprint.The method can be used by any team wanting to work out the time it will take to implement a task or a project. The idea is that everyone in the team tries to "think out of the box" and come up with a solution on the basis of their own ideas and experience, to arrive at the most accurate estimate.Planning Poker® is the ideal tool to kick-start a new project or scrum, by pooling the team's knowledge and expertise to imagine the first actions you need to implement.

Get your team involved on the workload planned for a project.

Using the Poker Planning Template, review as a team a project's actions and its workload with agility. The group exchanges, everyone gets to share their opinion on the new project's development or scrum.

Together, you identify the actions to keep or to postpone. And as a result? Whether you are working in a room or remotely, the entire team has a clear vision of the workload to provide and can get to work with confidence.

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