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Online Onboarding Training

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In a context where hybrid and remote working is becoming the norm for many companies, a new challenge is emerging about the integration of new employees. Recruiters and managers need to be able to offer them a smooth and engaging onboarding experience, whether they are on site or telecommuting.

To help you meet this challenge, this ready-to-use “Onboarding Training Online” Mission template enables you to easily create a comprehensive integration path that is adapted to hybrid working. This gamified course combines informative content and interactive questions, for an onboarding quality similar to on-site integrations.

How Gamification Boosts Your Onboarding Experience

Gamification involves using game mechanisms in a professional context, to stimulate stakeholder engagement and motivation. In onboarding, for example, gamification transforms a series of formalities often perceived as tedious into an interactive and memorable experience.

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A gamified course draws on visual management to create a dynamic experience that is quicker to assimilate.

For example, you can create a course based on a system of levels to complete, points to earn, and interactive questions to test knowledge or gather feedback from new arrivals from their very first days in your company. This gives them all the tools they need to successfully integrate into their new team and also helps them feel more confident about taking on their new tasks.

What is more, the first few weeks in a new organization are often busy ones, with a great deal of information for new employees to assimilate to get up to speed quickly. The gamification approach helps to alleviate this stage, with a more dynamic learning experience that promotes understanding and accelerates information retention.

A Mission Template to Facilitate Remote Onboarding

This Online Onboarding Training template uses gamification in the context of remote or hybrid onboarding. It aims to offer your new employees an onboarding experience as interactive as if they were on site. To achieve this, this template takes the form of an immersive Klaxoon Mission!

This Mission is structured around several levels to be completed, with points awarded when the participant moves on to the next level or answers the questions. Each level of the course offers a variety of content in Klaxoon Memos, and interactive questions in Quizzes or Surveys, to test knowledge and gather feedback from newcomers in real time. 

Whatever the size and function of the newcomer’s team, this ready-to-use template standardizes the onboarding process and ensures that every new employee receives the same level of information, from anywhere. This consistency is crucial to building a solid corporate culture over the long term.

What is more, by making onboarding more interactive and personalized, this template helps new arrivals feel valued and integrated from their very first days. They can progress at their own pace, revisit content if they wish, and get answers to any questions they may have. In this way, the Mission adapts perfectly to different learning styles, giving each employee the opportunity to get the most out of their integration process.

How to Use the Online Onboarding Training Mission with Klaxoon

From now on, you can create a gamified onboarding course for your new remote employees, thanks to the Klaxoon platform. Here are the main steps for integrating this Mission into your onboarding process:

  1. Create Your Version of the Template: You can start using this Mission directly from this page, or from the activity creation section in Klaxoon.
  2. Customize the Template Content: For this Mission, our template takes the example of onboarding in a customer service team. Of course, you can adapt its content to your own context, by adding levels, distributing points differently, or modifying existing questions or activities.
  3. Share the Mission with New Arrivals: Once you have finalized your gamified pathway, invite your new employees to join the Mission. You can send them an invitation by email, or directly share a link to the activity with them. If necessary, take a few minutes to explain how this format works, and remind them that they can still access the content after completing the Mission if they wish.
  4. Track Progress: Use Klaxoon's reporting features to track each participant's engagement with your Mission. You can see which levels have been completed and which questions have been asked, and pass them on if necessary to the most relevant people within the team to answer them. 
  5. Collect and Analyze Feedback: At the end of the Mission, analyze the feedback collected from participants. This will enable you to quickly identify any points to be clarified or improved in your future onboarding process. In this way, you can continuously refine your process, making it even simpler and more accessible to your new employees.

If you would like to try out another dynamic activity format for onboarding your new employees, you can also take a look at our dedicated Onboarding Workshop Session template.

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