Monthly Performance Meeting: follow-up and improvement over the months

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Monthly performance meeting

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With the Monthly Performance Meeting, drive the collective performance as a team and identify areas for improvement.Organize a monthly meeting with your team to take stock and see what can still be improved.Look back at what the team has achieved over the past few weeks and start the new month on a good footing. The meeting is chaired by a manager or project manager, as the case may beand gives everyone the opportunity to discuss the team's work organization and suggest possible improvements. This is also a chance to look at key sales or production figures against target benchmarks. Using a visual support also helps people who have not attended the meeting to analyze and understand the issues discussed.

A monthly performance meeting to keep the team focused on the objectives.

Set clear goals as a team at the beginning of the month to know where you're going! The Monthly Performance Meeting template allows you to take stock at the end of the month and monitor progress over the year. As part of a continuous improvement process, objectives are reviewed and then everyone shares their best practices, their favorites and their proposals for action. This visual support allows you to find everything in the same place and to identify at a glance if the objectives are reached thanks to the gauges to be filled in!

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