Ikigaï: finding the perfect balance for teamwork



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With the Ikigaï template, share your respective skills and competences to work better as a team.

Together, identify what makes you tick on a daily basis and find the perfect balance.

Ikigaï is initially a Japanese concept. It actually originates from Okinawa island. It was popularized in Western culture by psychologist Akihiro Hasegawa, and is commonly represented by a Venn diagram. It aims to find your purpose in life, both on a professional and personal level.

Thus, Ikigaï is considered to be the intersection of four components: what I am good at, what I like to do, what the world needs, what I can be paid for. 

In this template, we have adapted the concept to the notion of group. Carried out in a team, this exercise allows to reach a right balance between the members who compose it, common values through an individual search of meaning. Completing the Ikigaï template as a team allows the team members to achieve a perfect balance and to find meaning in their work together. 

When should the Ikigaï template be used, and what are the benefits for the team?

The formation of a team can perfectly be the occasion to use the Ikigaï template, or when one is at the dawn of a new project. However, the Ikigaï template is a management tool that can be used at any time in the life of a team. It allows you to draw up an identity card for the team, a common base to which everyone contributes. 

Displaying the "Team Ikigaï" allows you to keep in mind the team's objective and values, on which its operating principles are based. 

How to use the Ikigaï template with the Klaxoon Board activity?

Gather your team members. To do this, invite them to join your Board, following the instructions available in the integrated user guide.

Once the team is connected to the Board, launch Live, the Board's videoconferencing tool. You can manage the time of your activity with the Timer. 

Each participant sends in their ideas for the four categories: "what I like to do"; "what the world needs"; "what I'm good at"; and "what I get paid to do". 

Everyone then answers the question "What are your values?", again individually.

It is then time to share your values as a team, and then like the values that are most in line with your vision of teamwork.

A word cloud is formed, capture it and place it in the center of the Ikigaï. 

The like phase continues on the ideas sent by each person in the categories, the most liked will appear in the team's Ikigaï.   

Don't hesitate to import the capture of your "Team Ikigaï" in other Boards to have it always in front of you! 

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