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How to successfully run remote brainstorming sessions with more than 50 people


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Yannig Raffenel
Co-founder and Co-chairman of The Learning Show

Digital learning has many facets. A digital learning format uses the full range of digital training tools: e-learning, quizzes and educational videos, essentially following an independent learning approach. Yannig Raffenel has been working in this sector for more than 25 years. He is an expert and pioneer in this field. He is also the co-founder and co-chairman of the Learning Show association. This is a group of about twenty people who launched an annual event in Rennes, where everyone who works in digital learning can meet to discuss ideas and share information through immersive experiential in-person workshops.

The challenge: find an e-learning solution that works perfectly for the Learning Show

From the outset, the Learning Show and Klaxoon have been linked by their innovative spirit and the fact that they were both initiated in Rennes. So, it was only logical that the Learning Show used Klaxoon’s tools in their workshops!

At first, Yannig Raffenel had been using Klaxoon's polling tools and satisfaction surveys. As Klaxoon had performed well, he decided to use it regularly for his online workshops and webinars. As well as for workshops, the Learning Show teams are also using it to prepare their events to facilitate communication between the members of the association. They use it in several ways, both to prepare and to facilitate workshops!

With Covid restrictions and enforced remote working, they decided to run an online webinar to keep doing what they do, but also to make their forthcoming sessions in-person immersive experiences. With one question on the agenda: what is the future of learning in the Covid era? All the feedback and responses gathered during this workshop were used to meet the expectations of participants at future events.

The solution: an easy-to-set-up workshop thanks to Klaxoon

Board, a visual and collaborative workspace

Board is a limitless virtual whiteboard, where you can work using visual management and get access to ready-to-use work methods via Templates to get started quickly and easily. There is also a built-in video conferencing tool on Board that you can use directly on Klaxoon, or choose another video conferencing option, such as Skype, Teams or Zoom.

Preparing the workshop

The valuable help of consultants

“The great thing is that the Klaxoon team introduced us to consultants who helped us with our preparation.” | Klaxoon

With the help of Klaxoon's certified consultants, it was easy for Yannig to prepare their webinar, as it was for his co-workers to facilitate it. This preparation was made possible mainly thanks to the consultants’ help and support.

The workshop’s beginning

With 75 people attending this webinar, it took a bit of organizing. To split them into smaller groups, 9 spaces were created on the Board. To facilitate visual management, each space was assigned a different color, so everyone knew where to go. In addition, in each of these virtual rooms, each facilitator added their photo and their name.

But how does everyone know which room they are supposed to get to? Using a video conferencing tool to share information, everyone is given a number that matches the number of the corresponding space on the Board. After this call, the participants are placed in a subgroup in one of the 9 rooms. Then, it’s time for the facilitators to explain how it works, to show everyone how to post an idea on Klaxoon and how to like an idea.

People working remotely on a Breakout Rooms ready-to-use Board template. | Klaxoon
Prior to the brainstorming session, the process is structured in a manner similar to the Breakout Rooms method.

Brainstorming workshop: time for discussion and reflection

Once each participant is in their subgroup, one by one they share their ideas, opinions and suggestions about the initial question. Everyone can express their point of view in the way that suits them best.

It’s a group brainstorming session where everyone can discuss, exchange and debate around ideas. Once these ideas have been collected, each subgroup votes for the best idea by liking it. They can then answer the following question: “What is the most interesting idea for you to present during the debriefing phase?”

Debriefing: sharing ideas

Once the brainstorming is over, it’s time to look at all the ideas shared by the 9 subgroups! Everyone meets on Zoom for a debriefing session about the ideas. Not only is this a way to get lots of ideas, it's also a way of highlighting 9 guiding principles to follow when preparing future event programs, and finding the best ways to meet expectations.

The result: mission accomplished with Klaxoon!

The goal for Yannig and his association was to create effective ideation workshops where ideas can then be put into action. It was a great success! Participants were fully involved: they had their say, reflected on issues and came up with ideas together. In the end, it was a true collective intelligence workshop!

The benefits are immense for the Learning Show and the participants, who really felt they could express themselves and reflect on issues together.

For an association that appreciates the value of digital solutions and tools, using an innovative e-learning platform like Klaxoon reinforces their vision!

Klaxoon is a suite of tools that makes teamwork more efficient. Teamwork can mean different things at different times: workshops, brainstorming, team meetings or presentation meetings, project management, remote or in-person training. At these times, Klaxoon lets everyone express themselves, as well as facilitating and improving the decision-making process.

You too can adopt Klaxoon!

With Templates, innovate in the management of your projects, represent them visually and move forward as a team in a synchronized manner

Breakout Rooms Template | Klaxoon

Breakout Rooms: organize your remote breakout group sessions


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