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How to stand out as an employer with innovative IS recruitment


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Mélanie Férelloc
Head of Information Systems at EFS (France)

Mélanie Férelloc is Head of Information Systems at the Établissement Français du Sang (EFS), France's sole blood transfusion operator. She heads up the Brittany region, and her team is in charge of IT and telephonic issues for around 500 employees. Here's how Mélanie manages to stand out as an employer during her recruitment interviews, with the help of Klaxoon.

The challenge: differentiate to attract candidates

EFS is organized into 10 regions in mainland France, each with a regional team dedicated to IS.

As RSI for the Brittany region, Mélanie is also involved in recruiting new staff. While certain positions quickly generate a large number of applications, other, more competitive professions require a greater degree of market differentiation from other employers. 

So Mélanie looked for a solution that would help her attract the attention of the best profiles from the very first stages of recruitment. She chose to use Klaxoon visual platform to break the mold, and offer candidates a different way of interacting.  She started using it for an IT technician position.

The solution: an innovative, comprehensive and ultra-participatory interview format

Before the interview: asynchronous candidate engagement

The interview format created with Klaxoon fits perfectly into the classic recruitment process in place at EFS:

  • Posting an ad online;
  • Selection of profiles based on CVs;
  • Initial telephone interview; 
  • Organization of the first interview with team members, either on-site or remotely.

Before the first interview, Mélanie prepares a Board. Board is Klaxoon's virtual whiteboard, which can be used to create and structure an infinite virtual space, according to the needs of any collaborative project or team interaction.

In Mélanie's case, she relies on the ready-to-use method Conducting a job interview, available in Klaxoon's template library. Taking this template as a starting point and adapting it to her needs, the IS manager can then focus primarily on the conduct of the upcoming interview, as a pre-established structure is already in place on the Board: 

  1. A space for presenting the company, where Mélanie also adds links to external resources (official EFS website and videos, etc.).
  2. An area dedicated to presenting the company's values.
  3. A section introducing team members (first names, missions, locations).
  4. A presentation and description of the position to be filled.
  5. An area entitled "Tell us about yourself": a space dedicated to the candidate so that they can share information about themselves, asynchronously.
  6. The next steps in the recruitment process.
  7. A "What have you learned?" section that the candidate must also complete asynchronously.
A person working remotely on a laptop displaying a “Conducting a job interview” template. | Klaxoon
In the Board’s virtual exchange space, the recruiter can already share ideas and information before the interview takes place.

Mélanie has created her own Board template, which she can then duplicate with a single click to reuse with each new candidate. What's more, thanks to the asynchronous actions requested, each applicant starts filling in information even before the interview takes place, and at his or her own pace. For Mélanie, this means she has a reference point from the outset, enabling her to launch the discussion at the point of exchange. 

For her, sharing a Klaxoon activity in advance is a way of being reactive to an interesting application, by quickly proposing material to the candidate while waiting for the agreed meeting date. 

For their part, candidates feel involved, and are already creating a connection with the organization even before they've had a direct exchange with Mélanie. Thanks to Board's palette of visual tools, they can be creative, and organize their ideas as they wish in the dedicated space: connecting ideas, texts, colors, shapes... The possibilities for self-expression are endless. 

During the interview: structuring the exchange and promoting the candidate

On the day of the interview, Mélanie adapts easily to the format, thanks to Board. If the interview takes place remotely, she uses Live, the videoconferencing solution directly integrated into Board, or Microsoft Teams, which also integrates with Klaxoon. If the interview takes place face-to-face, Melanie uses Board to structure the flow of the exchange.

A person working remotely on a computer, while being in a Live video conference with a candidate on a Board. | Klaxoon
Thanks to Board, remote candidates can present themselves and explain their career path during interviews just as effectively as in person.

During the interview, the IS manager no longer needs to spend time presenting the company, as her interviewer has already had access to the various EFS resources. Mélanie can then concentrate on the candidate himself, giving him more speaking time, and even bouncing back on elements he may have shared before the interview. 

She can use the Synchro feature in Board from a distance to guide the candidate through the screen, step by step, and then give him the opportunity to resume the synchro to talk about himself.

A person on a video conference on a computer, with other participants connected on the same Board through Live, and one of them taking the synchro. | Klaxoon
When meeting together on a Board, each participant can take the synchro at any time to draw the attention of the group or the recruiter to any specific part the Board.

By simply following this pre-prepared outline, Mélanie considerably optimizes the interview time, while giving the candidate the opportunity to better express himself and go into more detail. 

After the interview: continue to engage by adopting the tool

At the end of the interview, Mélanie asks the candidate to fill in his or her motivations and any questions on the Board, again asynchronously. This enables her to assess the candidate's investment, and in particular to understand whether he or she is curious and adapting well to the tools, even new ones. 

Of course, participation before and after the interview does not play a decisive role in the final decision. It is, however, a good way of assessing a candidate's commitment and personality in Mélanie's eyes. What's more, it allows the ideas shared by candidates with different profiles to be highlighted, and not just orally.

The result: time-saving and more efficient team recruitment

Thanks to the use of the Klaxoon visual platform, Mélanie is able to engage candidates before, during and after interviews. This helps her to differentiate herself in an innovative way and position herself as an employer who is remembered for her flexibility and originality. What's more, Board saves him a considerable amount of time in his preparatory work.

Mélanie Férelloc: "Using Board allows me to break the mold and react quickly to an interesting application." | Klaxoon

The use of asynchronous communication also makes for more fluid and spontaneous exchanges throughout the recruitment process. For example, if a candidate has a question they'd like to ask when they're no longer in direct contact with Mélanie, all they have to do is add an idea in the dedicated space on the Board. 

Better still, they can use Klaxoon's Question tool, which enables them to simply ask a question of an interlocutor and, if necessary, launch a conversation dedicated to a particular subject. Melanie is then notified of the question, and can answer it when she has the chance.

Overall, Mélanie feels more efficient in structuring her recruitment interviews, and by placing emphasis on mutual benefit, this approach allows her to establish strong connections with candidates. As a manager, it's important for her to be able to listen not only to the ideas expressed by candidates, but to learn more about their backgrounds and personalities. 

In this regard, Klaxoon is an innovative platform that provides techniques to streamline interactions, enrich the information gathered from applicants, and strengthen their initial connection with the company. This aids them in envisioning their role within the company more effectively.

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Conducting a job interview: a whiteboard designed for recruiter and applicant


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