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How to set up an association and manage it efficiently with Klaxoon?


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Julia Cantel
Engineering Lead at EDF

Julia Cantel is an Engineering Lead at EDF since 2010. At the end of 2019, she will move to the United Kingdom to manage a major project: the construction of two new nuclear power plants. At the same time, Julia is creating an expatriate family association in the UK. Klaxoon allows her to set up an optimal functioning, and to encourage the members of the association to commit themselves 100% for the reception and the help to the expatriates' families.

Julia's challenge: to activate collective intelligence in order to set up an effective association quickly

Moving to the UK, Julia realizes that this can be a complicated step for families who must relearn how to live in a brand new country. The health restrictions of 2020 make these difficulties even more pronounced. Julia saw a need and an opportunity: to create an association of mutual aid between expatriate families in order to accompany newcomers to the country, and to facilitate their inclusion in their new teams at EDF.

Julia quickly noticed that her project was very well received by expatriate families, whose needs were numerous. She wishes to help them to:

  • Find housing quickly, especially by conducting remote visits,
  • Include their children in schools, provide them with school uniforms,
  • Integrate into their new teams within EDF UK.

To do this, the association works remotely using classic tools: emails, video-conference meetings... But none of them allows Julia to really activate participation and collective intelligence within the association. What she needs is a project management solution that is digital and participative, and hybrid enough to be as effective remotely as in person.

Using Klaxoon as a project management and workshop facilitation tool

Julia discovered Klaxoon and Board Hybrid and immediately fell in love with this interactive project management solution, which facilitates the grouping of association members and activates collective intelligence and hybrid collaboration.

As a fan of Agile and brainstorming methods, Julia quickly adopted Board. With this tool, she can implement concrete Agile methods that allow her team to quickly define:

  • The values of the association,
  • Its general functioning,
  • Its rituals,
  • The management to be put in place,
  • The different communication channels.
I am a big fan of Agile methods: my survival kit consists of stickers and whiteboards. Klaxoon replaces these elements wonderfully, and even allows to boost their effects.

In concrete terms, Julia has set up a ritual: every month, everyone gets together in Live, the videoconferencing tool integrated into the Board, in order to define one or more of the association's priorities. Julia uses many of Klaxoon's unique features, including the ability to time all meetings to keep them as productive as possible.

She encourages participation and collective intelligence via polls, idea sharing, voting to determine the best ideas... This way, she leaves no one out and ensures that everyone has a say in running the association.

Best of all, it makes participants more aware of the association's needs, while improving participation and commitment, which is crucial in an association.

Julia sees Board as a real project management tool. She prioritizes actions using an Eisenhower matrix and appoints leaders (pilots) for each action. She puts all this in place very quickly thanks to the efficient onboarding of the Klaxoon tool and the numerous templates, which can be installed in one click on the Board from the template library.

My goal is to make sure that each workshop offers us the maximum efficiency possible. It is operational excellence that I am looking for. And without Klaxoon, I would never have achieved it!

Visual management is at your fingertips with Klaxoon's Board, and all members can access the Board from any device at any time: it's the new way of working, more flexible, agile and hybrid than ever!

What are the results for Julia after adopting Klaxoon?

The results are numerous and are not long in coming:

  • The association is growing very quickly: in just 6 months, the number of members has increased from 10 to 45.
  • Julia notes that the efficiency is always there, regardless of the number of participants in the meetings and workshops, each meeting results in an effective action plan.
  • Feedback is immediate as all participants are encouraged to give their opinions and share their ideas.
  • Klaxoon's features (voting, polling, idea proposal...) help boost participation and team interest in the association: at each meeting, Julia is happy to see that participation and membership rates reach 100%!
  • The timed aspect of the meetings and workshops allows us to move forward together and very quickly.
  • The different templates that Julia installs in one click on the shared Board allow to articulate the brainstorming sessions and to activate the collective intelligence.
  • In just 4 meetings of 2 hours each, participants manage to:

- Determine all the elements that make up the association's identity (values, logo, objectives...),

- Choose the different techniques and tools that will be used by the association,

- Create internal teams each dedicated to a specific objective.

  • Julia appreciates the very quick and simple onboarding of Board: it allows to quickly grasp the tool and to use it to its maximum capacity, whatever the participant's degree of affinity with digital tools.

Julia was able to assemble a team of volunteers and build a fully functioning association in record time, made up of participants she had never even met. She finds that Klaxoon is both simple enough to be used by everyone and agile enough to adapt quickly to the team's needs. An integrated video conferencing, project management tool and visual management platform, Board Hybrid is the place where information is created and exchanged with an immediacy that Julia and her association appreciate. It allows to activate collective intelligence, participation and agility within a team. For Julia, it's simple: Klaxoon is "the best project management tool" she could hope for!

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