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How to improve feedback from the field to enhance the customer experience


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Rémy Treguer
Futuroscope, Customer Experience Director

Director of customer experience at the Futuroscope park for the past 4 years, Rémy Treguer has to ensure the satisfaction of his numerous visitors on a daily basis. Faced with the small problems and anomalies that can affect the smooth running of the park and attractions, Rémy has found, thanks to Board, the ideal tool to detect and treat these problems as quickly as possible.

Working in an amusement park, what an opportunity! Places that make people dream, that offer moments of joy and wonderful memories to their visitors, isn't that great? It is not Rémy Treguer who would say the opposite. He has been working at the Futuroscope Park for almost 30 years. Not surprisingly, the playful decor of his daily work is made possible by a skilfully orchestrated teamwork.

Futuroscope park where Rémy Treguer works

Now the director of customer experience at the theme park, Rémy defines his mission around 4 major activities:

  1. Understanding customers: their uses, their desires. Why do they want to go to a particular attraction, a particular store or a particular restaurant... in order to better satisfy them and build their loyalty?
  2. Measuring: customer satisfaction and quality feedback via social networks in particular, but also employee satisfaction.
  3. Design: that is, rethink teamwork, develop project mode, agile methods and create new experiences.
  4. Acculturate: make these methods available to all the park's teams to encourage everyone's commitment.

In short, "The customer experience is everyone's business".

The challenge? Identifying anomalies and dealing with them as quickly as possible!

With nearly 2 million visitors a year and 100 different professions present in the park, Rémy Treguer manages numerous problems on a daily basis that can affect the experience of visitors and employees in the park. A dirty bench, faulty sanitary facilities, a deteriorated green space, so many "anomalies", as he calls them himself, to be spotted and dealt with as quickly as possible. This is a major challenge in such a busy place.
How were these anomalies managed before? Here is the process then in place:  

  • An anomaly is spotted by a manager, who notes it manually or on a smartphone, qualifies it (type, location, date) and enters it into a spreadsheet, once back at the office.
  • The anomaly enters a loop to be treated, but requires trips to the site to be noted by other people who will themselves report their feedback.
  • The anomaly is finally treated and closed.

This process in place is clear but the processing time is long, too long for a theme park where the slightest inconvenience alters the user experience.
"We needed to communicate better with each other, to make information flow more smoothly and above all not to lose time in the processing of anomalies," says Rémy.
Faced with the growing amount of information and the need to qualify it as well as possible, in a shorter time frame, Rémy Treguer wanted a complete tool and chose the Klaxoon Hybrid Board.

A more fluid and efficient solution with the Klaxoon whiteboard.

To make field feedback as fluid as possible, and especially to speed up its processing by the teams, Rémy Treguer uses a Klaxoon Board. On this infinitely large whiteboard, he classifies anomalies by category and according to a precise color code, which makes it easy to sort them. In the field, once the problem is identified, it is photographed, then sent directly to an idea on the board with a commentary to contextualize and specify elements if necessary. It is then categorized (location, structure concerned, etc.) to be processed by the relevant teams.

One of the advantages is the different view modes offered by Board. In the classic board view, you can navigate as you wish on the whiteboard, using the zoom and unzoom and moving around, all the ideas are visible. But if Rémy Treguer wants to visualize a particular category, he just has to switch to the column view, like a spreadsheet, to focus on the green spaces anomalies for example.

what is great is to be able to come back to the subjects after they have been treated. The column view makes it easy to find the different categories, testimonial from Rémy Treguer, director of customer experience at the Futuroscope park

Thanks to the categorization and the color code, the information is processed and can be qualified (for example, by distinguishing between anomalies to be treated, those that are under study, those that are scheduled to be treated, or those that are cancelled). The photo allows everyone to form an opinion immediately without having to go on site and facilitates decision-making.

Customizable, the board is a very dynamic tool that offers a wide variety of choices of colors, categories, organization modes and storage of ideas. "The Board evolves with us, since we've been using it, we've added categories and removed color codes depending on whether we needed them or not."

Once a week, the decision committee led by Rémy Treguer meets on the Board, to review the anomalies identified and make decisions on their treatment. The committee now reacts directly on the Board, almost in real time. By choosing their priorities, they treat each case, changing colors and categories according to their decisions and the state of progress. "At the end of these meetings, actions are immediately taken. We also take advantage of these meetings to postpone processing or simply abandon it, if necessary. The objective is to save time between us.

Saving time and increasing productivity

For Rémy Tréguer, the benefit is certain. "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Integrating the photo of the anomaly in each idea allows us to document the truth, it facilitates our follow-up processes." Teams gain in work comfort and fluidity, "non-conforming" situations are handled efficiently and quickly.

Their old system allowed for quick returns but the processing took too long.

Thanks to the Klaxoon Board, Rémy Treguer has gathered in a single place the management of tickets, their progress and the action plan associated with each of them. A unique place, modifiable at will, available at any time and always up to date.

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