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The “Family organizer” template helps with your daily family organization, saves time and smooths out the bumps.

Collect all the information in one place to easily organize your family’s day-to-day business: your teenager’s school time-table, your toddler’s appointment with the pediatrician, birthdays and trips... A family requires a lot of planning! Not to mention important contact details (school, doctor, work, baby-sitter, best friend, etc.), the shopping list, chores to be shared out and ideas for meals.

Wish you could find all this precious information in one place, updated by the entire family in real time? Well, Klaxoon has made your wish come true! This template is ideal for organizing your family life and getting everyone involved! With Questions, you can interact with the others whenever you need to.

7 good reasons for using the family organizer template

What is a family organizer for?

Whether you have kids or not, family life requires planning. And planning can quickly give you a headache: slotting in tennis and yoga lessons, doctor’s appointments, juggling between your own working hours, the nanny’s, and school, remembering the shopping list, the car’s service appointment, uncle Bill’s birthday, etc.

You can always write everything down on a conventional to-do-list or calendar, both of which are available in our template library. However, the family organizer combines all of this, and much more!

A family organizer, as the name suggests, helps families organize their schedule. What for? Sharing information more easily so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, knows what other family members are up to and when they’re available. It’s not only a synchronized diary for the whole family: you can also share pictures, distribute chores, and have all the phone numbers on hand in case of an emergency, etc.

Using a family organizer on a daily basis means you don’t have to have it all in your head. It reduces hassle and stress within the household, and is the ideal solution to:

  • See what’s already scheduled and avoid booking two appointments at the same time
  • Share chores fairly and defuse family squabbles
  • Save time on a daily basis!

Of course, there’s no shortage of traditional paper-based family organizers lining the shelves at the start of the new school year. They are colorful, more or less bulky, and can be posted up in the hallway or stuck to the fridge… Klaxoon has now designed a handy pocket version and here are seven good reasons why you should go digital!

1. Visual management offers a clear, seamless planning solution

The “Family organizer” template is available on Klaxoon’s Board. Board is a digital whiteboard based on visual management, meaning that visual information gets across more clearly than any other type of information. Its colorful “ideas”, fonts, shapes, the paintbrush tool, etc. will help you design your own well-organized and visually attractive template. You can see your to-do list at a glance! For instance, you can keep your shopping-list essentials permanently on the Board, and when you run out of an item, change the idea to red. That way you can see straight away what you need to replenish. You can post any type of content on the Board, e.g. a drawing, text, a picture, video, music, web link, etc. You can use different types of “categories” to easily sort ideas. This is really useful when the Board starts to get cluttered up after a few weeks! And you’ll be surprised how quickly it fills up!

2. The digital whiteboard is a user-friendly solution.

Unlike its paper counterparts, Klaxoon’s family organizer requires no specific equipment. No felt-tip pens, no multicolored stickers! The template takes up no room, and is directly available from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Board is easy to use, especially with the clear instructions that come with the “Family organizer” template, as with all of Klaxoon’s ready-to-use models in the template library. The instructions are on the right-hand side of the template.

You can also view this tutorial for further information on how to use Board, or this video on how templates work. In short, like Klaxoon’s entire tool suite, the user-friendly, fun-to-use “Family organizer” template is just one click away! It’s an invitation for every household member to help organize day-to-day family life.

3. It’s a tool designed for sharing and cooperation

Cooperation lies at the heart of Klaxoon’s suite of tools, all specially designed to promote teamwork, whether in person or remotely. Cooperation is also the key to community life and the first community unit is the family. The idea of a family organizer is that there is no top-down management, but a true team effort where everyone feels involved and is willing to join in. Everyone can access the organizer at any time, and family members can add entries one after another or all together! Whether on the same subject or in different sections, everyone fills in the Board, which is designed to be used by several people at the same time. No need to wait for your turn to write down your dental appointment on the calendar!

4. The Board features a discussion thread.

Because dialog and communication are also an important part of family organization, we’ve provided a discussion thread. Sending just a blunt message with a list of tasks and information out of context won’t do. Context and communication are essential and the tone of the message matters. How does the discussion thread work? With the Questions tool. Members using the Board receive a notification when someone is writing You can then send an immediate reply. There are two discussion threads: one for purely practical matters and the other for more informal subjects. Question is also used to ask others what they think about an idea and to brainstorm together.

5. Start a remote family videoconference call!

Is one of your family members away? Or at work while you’re at home and you need to briefly discuss your kid’s appointment with the doctor? If you need to talk and see each other, run a live video conferencing session from the family organizer! With Live, Board’s built-in video conferencing tool, it’s all very simple! It’s the ideal tool for quick family conversations when you’re not all at home.

6. This flexible tool is just made for family life.

In real life, there can be last-minute changes of plan, so flexibility is essential. Unlike a paper diary, where you have to cross out entries manually, with Board you can just change an idea, edit it, add to it, and reorganize the Board to your requirements. Like day-to-day family life, Klaxoon’s family organizer is flexible. You have to adapt to whatever comes your way, just like a team using agile project management methods! Klaxoon’s family organizer adapts to your own pace.

7. …Your family organizer is in your image!

With Board’s unlimited space, there are no boundaries! The template features preset areas and sections, to help and guide you, giving you ideas to start from. But the rest is up to you! Think “out of the box”, customize the Board, make it your own, create new sections and adapt the family organizer to reflect your way of life. The Board’s graphic design is deliberately quite neutral, but as you fill it in, it will reflect your family’s personality. Of course, you can add color, images, etc. We provide you with a base. It’s all yours. Have fun!

Use the “Family organizer” template to improve your day-to-day family life. Try it out now!

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