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At SNCF Réseau, Youssef facilitates his UX/CX workshops remotely


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Youssef Joundy
Digital Territorial and Innovation Manager at SNCF Réseau

Territory Manager in the île de France region, Youssef works in collaboration with the project teams who are in charge of developing internal applications at SNCF Réseau. He uses the Klaxoon Board to create and organize his workshops which are essential to those applications' development.

100% productivity during remote workshops

Youssef used to facilitate his workshops in a room. Now remotely, his objective with Klaxoon is to keep his workshops the way they were and to get the same results. It is now done!With the 10 participants connected to his Brainstorm, Youssef generates:- an Icebreaker;- a progress report on the features and the project;- a creativity workshop to identify the new suggestions of features to include to the application;- a prototyping of those features.During the 3 hours of the workshop, the participants stay focused and productive.

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