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Adopting Klaxoon to digitize and humanize distance learning courses


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Hélène Plassoux
Professional coach and trainer

Remote (team)work

Discover methods to work both remotely and efficiently as a team!

Can we work both remotely and efficiently as a team? The answer is yes! Our community of Klaxoon users do so everyday by using our suite of apps, especially Board. Virtual meetings, remote project management, videoconference workshops... follow our guide!

Helene created IDJINOV to accompany organizations in their transformation projects and broaches the issue of working remotely. In the middle of containment, Helene decides to continue doing what drives her and to share her knowledge and advice. Helene opens a Network she shares publicly on her social networks and engages her community. She adds a Brainstorm so that all participants are able to become stakeholders, to share their ideas and good practices, and to draw on those of others. To this day, more than 130 people have already given their contribution!

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Remote teamwork collaborative solution

Remote (team)work: work together effectively, even at a distance


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