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100% participation in my remote meetings


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Patrick Chossat
Process Improvement Manager, RGIS

As the manager of a multi-site team at RGIS, Patrick Chossat uses Klaxoon to run his weekly meetings and make them more dynamic. The result is a 100% attendance rate, with 100% participation and easier decision-making, even remotely!

The challenge: increase participation at remote meetings

Patrick is head of continuous improvement at RGIS, the market leader in store inventories. He manages a network of 15 trainers working on several sites in France and around Europe. He organizes a weekly meeting with 40% of his team working remotely.

In the past, there was very little discussion. Some people simply didn't say anything while others completely monopolized the discussion. It was difficult for people working remotely to follow and contribute to discussions. As a result, they signed in and simply muted their microphone.

After testing several methods, in 2017, Patrick discovered Klaxoon. He adopted the Session activity for more lively meetings, with the aim of increasing participation. With a high penetration rate at RGIS, Klaxoon has now become an everyday tool, both for Patrick and the other members of his team.

The solution: Klaxoon at each key moment of remote meetings

Klaxoon changes everything! Thanks to the Session activity, Patrick has implemented a series of rituals to make his meetings livelier.

Ritual #1: Start the meeting before it even begins

Patrick sends the link for the Session to the team members two hours before it is set to start. Every week, a different question is waiting for them. Thanks to these questions, 100% of the team is connected at the allocated time. In fact, the meeting begins before the participants even get together!

Using the Live Storm activity, Patrick asks a question and the results appear in the form of a word cloud. For example: "Describe your week in one word." Everyone sees the group's answers and an overall trend emerges. The group can debrief on the ideas right from the start of the meeting. The entire team is already engaged, and the discussion is underway.

The Live Storm to boost team engagement

Ritual #2: Focusing on an important point

Patrick uses the Live Challenge activity to ask a quickfire question and put the focus on an important point, for example: "How many events are currently planned for September?" This ensures that he has everyone's attention and that the message gets through.

Ritual #3: Sharing information in real time

To get messages across, Patrick uses the Synchro prez function. This means he can prepare presentations in advance and then share it in Klaxoon in real time. When Synchro prez is activated, the presentation is displayed on all the participants' screens and Patrick decides when to change the slides. Everyone has the same experience, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world.

With Synchro, everyone sees the same information at the same time. People can react and ask questions with instant messaging, without interrupting the person speaking, which then makes it possible to open up the debate.

Ritual #4: Make decisions

When he needs to make collective decisions quickly, Patrick turns to his favorite Klaxoon activity: the Live Vote. During one of his meetings, he asked the question: "Should we adopt this best practice?" Within 10 seconds, everyone had given their opinion, and the group's consolidated result was displayed instantly: 40% "YES" and 60% "NO".

Patrick's trick for opening up the debate is to first give the floor to the people with the minority opinion, so they can explain their choice. In this example, the arguments of the various participants eventually convinced the whole team to change their vote to "YES". The team was able to make a decision very easily, in a matter of minutes, while taking everyone's opinion into account.

The Live Vote for instantly visualizing the group's opinion.
The Live Vote for instantly visualizing the group's opinion.
By listening to the arguments of those who were favorable, we understood why we should adopt this best practice. We know that our team will all have the same priors, and now we have all the arguments to explain it to them (a member of Patrick's team).

Ritual #5: Give feedback

When the Session is concluded, participants are invited to give a score and leave a comment. This feedback enables Patrick to adjust the content of the following meeting.

Icing on the cake: The meeting report is generated automatically and the whole team has access to it!

The result: 100% participation rate and simplified decision-making

100% attendance

As people know they will be able to give their opinion, there is no more absenteeism. The information is shared more efficiently, and everyone saves time.

100% participation

With the Live Storm, Live Challenge, and Live Vote activities, Klaxoon stimulates discussion and boosts meeting participation. Team members are now more punctual. They want to discover the activities opened before the meeting starts and see the others' answers. People are more attentive and have the courage to speak up and defend their ideas.

Since I started using Klaxoon, there are no more distracted ears and the whole team sees the meeting's added value, including people working remotely.

Easier decision-making

In this context, decision-making naturally comes more easily! With Klaxoon, the group's opinion appears before our eyes in real time. From the most timid to the most talkative, every member of the team is involved in decision-making and sees that their voice counts as much as anyone else's. This is a real source of satisfaction and helps boost motivation.

We used to wait for monthly or quarterly meetings, to make decisions in person. Now, thanks to Klaxoon, we can make decisions every day, even remotely.

You too can adopt Klaxoon!

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