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Way2Autonomy is a community of executive organisation coaches and experts.

The members of Way2Autonomy are convinced that the answers and leverages for solving problems lie at the heart of organisations. They co-construct with their clients tailor-made support sessions, to find answers and resources to cope the challenges they face.

Considering that the one who knows is the one who does, Way2Autonomy adapts its posture to co-construct innovative solutions. In addition to the results they achieve with the teams, they are concerned to communicate their methods for a durable autonomy.

Each coaching session is made by experienced coaches with and for the client. In co-responsibility with the client, to ensure the good progress of the coaching process, Way2Autonomy also mobilises our partner experts (consultants, trainers, “agile” experts, Klaxoon) on more “technical” issues when necessary.

Our Partnership

As a Klaxoon certified Consulting partner, Way2Autonomy works with its customers to achieve their successful transformations in the real and virtual worlds. This dual approach enables them to tackle all problematics with a powerful collaborative tool, while offering a co-constructed Klaxoon environment to return autonomy to the group.

In support of the Klaxoon’s sales force, or by integrating the experts into their missions, Way2Autonomy actively participates in making this tool a “must have” for companies when it is relevant.

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