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The creation of Saegus is a response to a recurring issue among clients: companies that are at a loss when it comes to making decisions to successfully complete their digital projects. Indeed, they are looking for digital experts, entrepreneurs, but also transformation professionals.

Based on this analysis, Saegus' core business is to propose and demonstrate concrete, operational and innovative applications in terms of digital uses. It is from this principle that the name Saegus was born, as an anagram of the term USAGES.

Saegus operates in 3 areas of expertise, supported by their Factory:  

- Digital Workplace: intranet, social networks, phygital,... all factors that are changing the behavior and uses of work and at work;

- Acceleration Tactics: accelerate your projects, your ideas or products or your organization through an iterative and end-user centric approach based on 3 dimensions: Design, Prove & Scale.

- Data-Driven Business: the volume of data has never been so important and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Yet, they represent a major challenge in order to know, retain and personalize or even predict the behavior of individuals, both outside and inside the company. Their growth continues today, with more than 120 consultants conducting missions in France and abroad. Moreover, Saegus isreferenced among the 1,000 fastest growing European companies, and has also been certified Great Place to Work™ for 5 years.

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