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Starbursting is an innovative brainstorming tool as it is based on generating questions. During a workshop with the team, ask all your project-related questions and work in subgroups to find the right solutions. This method will help you stay ahead of your game and plan for all aspects of your product or service.

Asking the right questions before looking for the answers makes sense, doesn't it? That’s what Starbursting brainstorming is all about! Before they start throwing ideas about on a given subject, the team lists all their questions to allow the project to make progress. Who is in charge of each part of the project? Who will buy the end product? When will production start? Where will raw materials be sourced? Many questions can crop up. To help you deal with this question-based ideation, follow the six-point star and the related keywords: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? This will cover all possible issues. As all team members are involved in the workshop, there will be plenty of ideas.

a workshop team with Starbursting brainstorming method

What is brainstorming? How does it work?

Brainstorming is an effective concept that consists of bringing together a group of people to spontaneously and collectively express their ideas, impressions and thoughts on a given subject.
This technique can be used in a meeting, for example, to develop a new idea, or solve a problem. It takes the form of a very creative discussion, where everyone is free to express their point of view.
Conducting regular group brainstorming sessions is recommended, as it increases team efficiency and facilitates the exchange of ideas and problem solving.

What is the Starbursting method?

Starbursting is a powerful and innovative brainstorming tool for teams. Unlike conventional brainstorming tools, which aim to rapidly generate a large number of ideas to be implemented, this method offers a new approach by first asking questions.
It has a wide field of application: e.g. when developing a new project, product or service, it is useful to get a clear and shared oversight of every aspect. Generally, a new project begins with a creative phase where everyone contributes by suggesting ideas. Any suggestion made deserves consideration, but it has to be relevant to the project. Making a list of all the project-related questions will facilitate this process.
As with any brainstorming workshop, the starbursting method ultimately aims to create or develop a concept, revive a stalled project, lift a blocking point or solve a problem.
The Starbursting method is ideal for exploring new ideas and is based around six keyword questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? By listing as many questions beginning with these words as possible, the team generates many queries relevant to the subject. They then have to identify which questions need to be addressed first - using the “like” poll - to make the concept clear for everyone and allow the project to move forward.

3 key reasons to use the Starbursting method in a workshop

Developing a concept and bringing a project to fruition is a true challenge for all those involved. They need to fully understand what the project is about, and this requires clear and smooth communication. It is also important to assess the relevance of the ideas brought forward and prioritize the fields of action. Before the design phase begins, the team needs to fully master the project’s ins and outs. The solution considered must also be fully in line with the target customers’ requirements and expectations. The Starbursting method offers many advantages:

Cover all the project particulars

By highlighting the question marks raised by the team about the stakeholders, the locations involved, deadlines and due dates, why, how, etc. The Starbursting technique helps cover every aspect of a new idea. Team members will then think about the most appropriate answers to questions and share them with the rest of the group to clear any doubts.

Promote collective engagement and intelligence

To optimize this Starbursting workshop, all the questions raised must find an answer and those answers must be fully relevant to the topic. Onboarding all the team members in the solution-finding process is also a truly motivational factor. The more people are involved, the more questions will be raised, leading to more answers to work from, covering every aspect. Everyone will feel engaged and will provide input in the collective brainstorming process.

Prioritize and plan to optimize teamwork

After the ideation phase comes the poll phase to narrow down the questions: this helps to prioritize. The Starbursting method is an effective organizational and planning tool that carefully paves the way for the operational launch of the new idea. The team works from the same level of information and speaks the same language through its exchanges.

This method is iterative, meaning that questions can lead to more questions: a virtuous circle that helps clarify all your project’s key points! Ask as many questions as you need!

The Starbursting template | Klaxoon

How do you use the Starbursting method with the Klaxoon template?

Before the Starbursting workshop, determine the issue at hand and place it in the middle of the star. Prepare 6 subgroup Boards, following the instructions for this session. You are now ready to ask the team to join the main workshop Board.

The starbursting workshop is broken down into several stages: 

  • It begins with an individual question generation session. Each team member goes over the six fields with the 6 questions and asks all their project-related questions beginning with “who?”, “what?”, “when?”, “how?”, “where?” and “why?”. All these questions can help to raise awareness of the problems.
  • Then comes a “like” phase, where everyone analyzes the questions in terms of relevance and importance. The team then uses the “like” feature to rate the questions‘ level of priority. If there are too many questions, break the workshop down into several sessions so that all the subjects can be gradually covered. 
  • The team is then split up into separate subgroups. Each subgroup deals with a set of questions: for example, the first team will deal with the “What?” questions on the dedicated Board.

Working in smaller groups heightens the team’s efficiency, as everyone can express their views, which has a positive effect on the quality of the results. Allow the groups enough time to find appropriate solutions. It’s up to you to determine the ideal length of time!

  • The last stage is the presentation of results. The team is now working on the same page. It’s also the ideal time to bring additional answers or make corrections. 

Conducting this brainstorming workshop on Board helps to mature a large number of ideas and improves its efficiency for each stage. In just a few clicks switch to subgroups and rely on teamwork to address all the questions. This brainstorming technique based on the question generation is a must in business. Your idea is now ready to be launched and is backed up by a highly motivated team!

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