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How to turn your customer training modules into 100% remote


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Grégory Dubois
Associate Director in charge of the Balthazar Akademy at Balthazar Cabinet

Grégory Dubois is an Associate Director at Balthazar Akademy, a training and skills development subsidiary of the Balthazar Group. He designs easy-to-use educational materials for his clients. One of these clients is Nicolas Guilmin.

Nicolas Guilmin is the CEO of GEFCO Automotive Services. This is a subsidiary of the GEFCO group that is part of the supply chain and automotive logistics sector, mainly for Peugeot. They check vehicles when they leave the factory, make them available for transportation and carry out other ancillary activities to prepare the vehicles. The company employs between 500 and 900 employees in 7 different locations.

The challenge: set up fully remote management training

Nicolas Guilmin discovered Klaxoon during the first lockdown thanks to Grégory, who worked with him to support the Automotive Services agency managers while they were working remotely. Grégory Dubois gave strategic advice to help Nicolas set up his new initiative properly. He did some real coaching to help his client as much as possible.

Klaxoon was particularly useful to Nicolas and his co-workers. Together, on the platform, they had a debrief about their individual and collective experiences during that particular period. But above all, they thought about what happens next: how to prepare for the return to in-person work.

Working remotely with Klaxoon was fun and we were amazed by the result.

With Klaxoon, you can work as a team and meet, both in-person and remotely: a big plus for Nicolas and his team. That’s why they now use Klaxoon for their management training. Grégory was a great help setting it up!

The solution: using Klaxoon tools to transform the training

First of all, they redesigned the learning experience: “How can we transform what we do in-person into 100% remote?” To do this, they used several activities available on Klaxoon. They set up different stages: a webinar to launch the training, designing 6 virtual classes, an e-learning module, and then a review to finish. Thanks to Klaxoon, they have reduced the course to the most essential skills needed for this training.

Creating a Session to facilitate the training

When you create a Session with Klaxoon you can show slides, but also include videos to capture the attention of all your participants. In addition, during these meetings, you can make everyone interact with each other by asking questions to spark a discussion. These are icebreakers that make every employee feel comfortable participating.

Using Board to express yourself freely

Board is a highly visual shared workspace. It’s a limitless digital whiteboard where the team can share any type of information and organize this information using visual management. Importing and visualizing all sorts of content and files (documents, images, presentation boards, PPT, PDF, graphic files, spreadsheet data) avoids teams having to send lots of emails and downloading attachments.

Here, Nicolas and Grégory used this tool to get some feedback. Each participant reviewed what they had just seen. This way, everyone got involved, even the shyest in the group because it is also easy to express your opinion in a written way. They just had to drag and drop their ideas on the whiteboard!

Then, using this tool, each participant constructed their own approach to the training. They had to answer a question and give their opinion about a specific subject. It’s a bit like team brainstorming where you can learn and discuss about a subject. A fun learning method that really works! It's the same principle as for feedback: each participant puts their ideas directly on the whiteboard.

Memo, a very flexible tool

Then, each participant received a Memo to fill in. Memo is a series of 1-300 pages, quiz questions and poll questions to present ideas, images and videos. Questions are used to make sure everyone has understood the information, or to ask participants for their opinion. Here, the Memo was a report generated automatically for employees. Once the Memo has been completed, there is a summary available at the end.

The result: a training program that works both in-person and remotely

Employee feedback is very good. Nicolas Guilmin thinks there is no difference between in-person and remote training thanks to Klaxoon. In addition, this format has some interesting benefits for the company:

  • Using the Workshop Platform means significant cost reductions for the company. There’s no longer any need for transport and accommodation costs for employees from the 7 sites to get together in the same place. That means a saving of €300 per participant!
  • It also means significant time savings. A training that could last a day or even several days is condensed into 2-3 hour slots, so everyone stays focused. This is made possible because with Klaxoon, you can recreate exactly what would happen in a physical meeting room!

Thanks to Grégory Dubois, Nicolas Guilmin now designs efficient and visual educational training sessions with the help of Klaxoon. In the future, they plan to have in-person kick-offs to create a stronger bond, and then move on to remote modules. This way, they could combine in-person and remote for the best results!

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