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Board is a simple tool that enables visual collaboration in a single place thanks to its video conferencing tool, Live, and a library of ready-to-use templates that can be called on at the click of a mouse.

The acceleration of new modes of work

For more than five years now, Klaxoon, the specialist of collaborative solutions, has been observing and working on changes to how teams work all over the world. These teams often work on several projects in collaboration with several teams based in different places. It is now essential to find solutions to resolve this equation.In March, millions of companies and teams had to get organized fast and adapt how they work to the constraints created by the pandemic. They had to urgently find and implement new methods and rapidly think up new management techniques to synchronize distributed teams while maintaining the natural and spontaneous connection we enjoy in the office or around the coffee machine.

A solution available to all teams

In this context, Klaxoon launched a huge remote work project, providing free access to its tools in order to help organizations cope with these new challenges. In parallel, Klaxoon also mobilized its troops to develop a tool: Board. Board fully addresses our new hybrid work models and opens new horizons for teamwork.

Board was designed based on various experiences of teams that had to work remotely during lockdown, in order to provide real solutions to our new hybrid work model. Board provides an ideal workspace for meeting, sharing information, and creating together, whatever your team's situation. It's the first tool to utilize the power of visual collaboration to facilitate teamwork.

Matthieu Beucher, CEO and Founder of Klaxoon

Jam-packed with all Klaxoon's know-how, Board is a simple and accessible solution, allowing you to transition easily between the written and spoken word, audio and video, promoting:

  • real-time synchronization
  • information sharing
  • the establishment of new collaborative rituals
  • free expression between colleagues
  • the organization of ideas
  • decision-making and getting down to action

Thanks to a visual experience that is as close as possible to the reality of the office workspace, Board enables everyone to work normally wherever they are (while travelling, in the office, at home), thereby liberating the potential of the individual to help the collective. Board is an all-in-one tool and a new visual standard for simple, inclusive teamwork with maximum participation.

Board goes further than any other tool to add creativity & freedom for team synchronisation.

Gonçalo Hall, Founder of the Remote Work Movement & Co-founder of the Future of Work Conferences, Portugal

Board takes virtual & hybrid working agility to the next level.

Hiren Odedra, Strategic North, UK

Wow. Board is opening new possibilities.

Sergio Fumio, Alstom University, Brasil

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