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we love teamwork

Klaxoon is a suite of collaborative tools designed to help you work more effectively as a team, whether you're in the office, working from home, on the road, or anywhere in the world.

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The crisis and lockdowns have radically accelerated the transformation of work, shaking up dogmas, reflexes, and habits. All organizations, regardless of sector or mission, have had to rethink their work in a sustainable way. Klaxoon provides teams with the environment and tools to work effectively, regardless of location; to make work both more human and more responsible.

Our mission: to liberate individual and collective potential

A pioneer in smartwork technologies and the future of work, Klaxoon has been developing the tools and environment to enable individuals and teams to flourish since 2015. Tools developed with the contribution of experts from all walks of life, complemented by the most effective work methods and models from visual management, agile methods, design thinking... Klaxoon makes these tools available to millions of people around the world and supports them in promoting effective, creative, inclusive and hybrid teamwork.

All moments of collaboration

Accessible on smart phone, tablet, or computer, Klaxoon is the complete suite of collaborative tools for whenever teams need to collaborate, whether in the office or remotely.

Leading daily meetings, organizing workshops or training sessions, piloting or monitoring projects, stimulating exchange, mobilizing collective intelligence, sharing ideas, making decisions, gathering feedback... Klaxoon activities offer the ideal environment to move from idea to action.

With Board, an all-in-one collaboration tool that simplifies teamwork, Klaxoon is more ready than ever to accompany all organizations in implementing the sustainable reinvention of work in the age of hybridity.

Millions of teams in over 120 countries

Klaxoon is currently used in more than 5,000 organizations: SMEs, VSEs, NGOs, universities and public administrations, as well as 100% of the CAC40 companies and 15% of the Fortune 500.

The story of a passion for teamwork

In France (Rennes, Lyon, Paris), the United States (Boston, New York) and Asia (Singapore), the 250 people who shape Klaxoon are dedicated to transforming work every day. The team has transformed its daily routine into a laboratory for collaborative methods, rethought its practices, reinvented its spaces, and increased exchanges to support Klaxoon's international development. Sales, research and development, customer support... talents from all over the world, rich experiences and so many jobs to invent to support a growing community of millions of users.

Awarded worldwide

Inspired by visual management techniques and agile methods, Klaxoon solutions have been awarded prestigious prizes on all continents (CES Innovation Awards, Best of Best Red Dot Design Concept...).

Microsoft Award
Best User Experience
Microsoft Partner of the Year
Apps & solutions for Microsoft Teams
reddot award
best of the best
CES innovation awards
Technological Innovations

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