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Workshops, once a rare event organized by specialized groups, have now become part of teams' everyday routine for many people within all types of organizations. Traditional meetings are being replaced by workshops as they are considered a more efficient way of getting work done.

Board Hybrid

Facilitate a visual workshop to move from ideas to action with Board!

Board is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to collaborate visually in a single place thanks to its built-in videoconferencing tool, Live (also available on mobile!), and a library of ready-to-use templates available at the click of a mouse.


Run a participative workshop with a predefined time limit on Session!

Embed existing slide decks or create new ones directly in the studio. Boost interactivity by asking various Live Questions (Vote, Challenge, and Word Cloud). Everyone has access to the same content, which enables them to discover and react to the group's opinion in real time. And once the session is over, you can generate an instant meeting report.


Summarize your ideas and brief your teams with Memo!

Do you need to summarize something for your team without getting them all together? Now you can thanks to Memo: diverse content (text, image or video) and questions (quiz, poll) that your colleagues can explore autonomously.


Ask questions during and after your workshop to increase efficiency!

Quickly get your team's attention and engage participants with Question: open-ended question, challenge, polling... there are multiple ways to gauge your team’s opinion in a simple and visual way!


Quickly collect lots of feedback from your team with a Survey!

Comments, 5-star ratings, multiple-choice questions, etc. You can use six types of questions to create a poll and illustrate each question with a picture, a video or text. Each poll can contain up to 20 questions.


Challenge your team to test what they know with an Adventure. Perfect for boosting their knowledge of the subject at hand.

Adventure allows you to explore content in a fun, graphic environment. An Adventure is a sequence of 1 to 10 stages, each consisting of one or more questions. You can also add an introductory page featuring text, videos and images.


Keep members of a Network up-to-speed by sharing Articles with them.

This is a page used for sharing content within a Network. It contains text, an image or a video, and links to external content.


Evaluate your team's knowledge with Quiz!

A Quiz can include up to 20 questions of different formats: single or multiple-choice, fill in the blank, find the word, drag and drop... There are 9 types of Quiz questions in total, which you can enhance visually with photos or videos.


Missions are gamified journeys that enable you to share knowledge, evaluate your colleagues’ level of understanding and ask for feedback.

The Mission is a journey made up to 1 to 10 stages, allowing participants to explore content independently in a gamified environment. Each stage consists of an activity of your choice: Quiz, Survey, or Memo.


Keep all your workshops in one place by creating a private group with Networks.

A private all-in-one network where you can host and share Klaxoon activities and articles.


A visual newsfeed that keeps the team up-to-date about everything that is happening in their workshops.

Journal enables participants to continue to contribute to workshops asynchronously, even after they have ended. It is also possible to dive into each notification to learn more. Users can customize their notifications, by muting or unmuting them or activating email notifications.

A Workshop Platform that is compatible with the software you love

Connect Klaxoon to your favorite work apps for an integrated teamwork experience

Microsoft Teams

Use the Workshop Platform directly in Microsoft Teams for an all-in-one teamwork experience including video calls, document sharing, and messaging powered by Klaxoon's Board, Questions, Quizzes, etc.

Integrate with Microsoft Teams


Whether you are launching a new product, managing a complex project, or looking to monitor a process more closely, you can now import Jira issues (and their issue type) into Board Hybrid in just a few clicks, bringing the power of visual collaboration to your team's routines. Once both tools are connected, items and ideas are automatically updated in Klaxoon and Jira simultaneously for a more efficient process.

Integrate with Jira


With this integration, teams can collaborate more efficiently while having easy access to Dropbox files within Klaxoon: stay organized by keeping your team's files centralized in one place.Attach a Dropbox file to your Klaxoon Studio for easy access.

Integrate with Dropbox

An award-winning solution, adopted by millions of teams in over 120 countries

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities, public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.

Klaxoon came along as the best solution in getting people collaborate better.

Gary Shapiro

President & CEO
Consumer Technology Association
Klaxoon makes our workshops much more participative and engaging for the participants.

Bernice Ng

Continuous Improvement Manager
Danone Singapore
Klaxoon is easy to roll out globally and allows us to exceed our sales goals providing a unique client experience, on site or remotely.
Rudy Dillenseger
Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement

Rudy Dillenseger

Global Dir. of Sales Strategy & Enablement
Klaxoon is a tool that allows every participant to express themselves, while keeping to our time limits.

Vincent Arcin

Global Digital Service
Klaxoon is the solution that enables us to listen, prioritize and most importantly build the future together.

Hélène Blanquet

Communication and CSR Director

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