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Klaxoon is proud to introduce the Loupe, named a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree

January 3, 2017
Adopted by thousands of teams in 114 countries in one year, Klaxoon offers intuitive and powerful ways to mobilize teams, customers and networks to work smarter together. At Klaxoon, we believe you can’t simply put the right people in the room, without thinking about how they are going to work together.

Plug-in the Loupe to any screen in your office to gain access to the Klaxoon platform. Access that transforms those seldom used screens into engagement and collaboration hubs at the center of your workspace. Individuals can instantly participate in Klaxoon brainstorming, word clouds, surveys, or view others ideas and give feedback. Klaxoon creates an environment that ignites teams’ creativity by instilling a love of collaboration and learning.

The Future of Work, today.

The future of work will be defined by driving engagement and collaboration with tools that allow interactions the same way we do so with familiarity outside the office. The Loupe unleashes the urge to contribute, allowing everyone’s experience to spur learning and creativity.