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Klaxoon launches a box to make training more interactive

April 1, 2015
Les Echos – We’re all familiar with images of the trainer lost in their notes and the students sitting there bored. The Klaxoon start-up thinks that it’s found the solution to make training sessions and conferences more interactive and therefore more lively…

It has just released the Klaxoon Box onto the market after several months’ testing in companies including L’Oréal and Schneider Electric. “It doesn’t need an Internet link to run. All participants can connect to it in a few seconds using their tablet, computer or smartphone”, says Maël Jaffrelot, development director at Klaxoon, which is a spin-off from the Rennes-based Regards group, which specialises in creating training programmes. The trainer can then easily transfer their tables and comments to the participants and organise multiple choice questions or quick questionnaires to ensure that they still have their attention. He feels that “We are now entering the PowerPoint 2.0 era”.

Accessible in 60 countries

Created six months ago in Rennes, the start-up already employs around twenty IT specialists to continue the development of its box, which is available to rent at 99 Euro per month. “By the end of the year, our solution will be accessible in 60 countries”, emphasises Maël Jaffrelot.

While its main targets are large companies, the start-up has started tests with Rennes-I university and a business college. Nothing is definite for the moment, but the company’s management dreams of one day seeing students and, why not, all school pupils, converse and exchange with their teachers using the box. Following the million Euro invested by Regards and bpifrance, Klaxoon will soon need to boost its capital with external input.

Written by Stanislas Du Guerny

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