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Klaxoon: interaction comes out of its box

June 22, 2015
Le Mag Numérique – Use participants’ mobile terminals to create interaction during a training session. You might think of an app… Klaxoon has turned it into a box. The sky is not the limit for this Rennes-based start-up with its eponymous solution. Its ambition: to grab the attention of the whole world!

Imagine a training session, a meeting or even a conference… The presenter takes out a little box which generates its own WiFi network. It can be accessed from any telephone, table or laptop PC. There’s nothing to install; in just a few seconds, each person may use their browser to display a presentation, take part in an exercise, answer a quiz or give their opinion. This is the Klaxoon box: an Internet connection-free Internet solution. Or as Matthieu Beucher puts it “a simple tool to help pass on professional knowledge“.

The idea came to life at Regards, the company he runs. The team, which specialises in creating innovative knowledge-sharing content, saw that something was missing: there were many applications offering individual digital access (e-learning, serious games) but there were no interactive solutions for trainers who were actually standing in front of a group of students. And yet this accounts for “90% of all training sessions“.

The rest came from field experience.

In the business world, everyone has a mobile device within easy reach. But there’s not necessarily an Internet connection that everyone can access. We wanted to create a tool that was really simple to use. With the box, we can do away with all issues and see our principle to its full conclusion: to assist learning all around the world.

Also accessible in the Cloud

Klaxoon is more than just a box, it is a complete interactivity solution. The platform enables trainers to design games and exercises in a few minutes from around twenty predefined types of activity then make them available to students via the box or even via the cloud. Mixed usage is also possible, using the box for “presence-based” participants and the cloud for distance learning. “The presenter uses Klaxoon as the back-bone for their exchanges. Our solution enables them to gather feedback at any time, including from people who are following the session at a distance.

The objective is also to seize students’ attention. Mobile devices, which are usually a source of distraction, are now used to “drive training content forward” and collect extra feedback. Tests have even shown that the solution “encourages people to speak up more” taking advantage of live reactions specific to the use of mobile terminals. The tool also enables the exchanges to be saved for use later on.

A global market

Klaxoon’s priority target is the training market, while other professional uses are also coming to the fore, such as seminars, conferences, brain-storming sessions and so on. Users appear to be able to get to grips with the tool immediately. “Some of our customers are sending the box to their training teams around the world. Our solutions is already being used in around sixty countries whereas we’ve only just started marketing it.

These first few encouraging signs show that Regards’ highly proactive strategy is working. With BPI France and the support of banks “who can see that we are meeting our forecasts”, the Rennes-based group has invested one million Euro in creating its Klaxoon subsidiary. “It is an independent start-up, which has huge international potential. We are doing our utmost to ensure that it grows as quickly as possible; around twenty people are already onboard. 

Its model is one of rapid, export-based growth. The company’s expansion is such that Matthieu Beucher is already working to raise new capital over the comping months “to enable Klaxoon to pick up speed“.

Written by Roland Le Bouëdez

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