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Klaxoon Debuts Cross-­Device Learning Platform at CES Unveiled New York 2016

November 10, 2015
Named a CES 2016 Innovations Software and Mobile Apps Honoree, the new Klaxoon interactivity tool radically changes the way businesses and educational institutions present, collaborate, and share knowledge.

New York – Out of the box thinking starts in the box. Today, Klaxoon, an innovative company dedicated to creative learning tools, introduced an interactive training solution that is poised to disrupt the working space in the U.S. Debuting at CES Unveiled New York, the cross-device platform is a collection of tools that facilitate interactivity, helping any employee in businesses and educational institutions to share knowledge and support learning on a daily basis.

Klaxoon is the world’s first collaboration and learning solution with dedicated connectivity. Its hardware solution, a CES 2016 Innovation Award Honoree, the KlaxoonBox, provides total autonomy holding everything needed for a successful collaboration session inside. An extension of KlaxoonCloud, Klaxoon’s SaaS platform, KlaxoonBox ensures everyone can access Klaxoon everywhere whether online or offline.

The way in which people work and communicate is transforming, said Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon. Learning needs to adapt. Klaxoon makes it easier to do just that, changing and simplifying the way people learn by making it daily, more interactive, and giving not only professionals and educators but also anyone of us an efficient, all-inclusive solution.

A subsidiary of Groupe Regards, a French leader in digital learning solutions, Klaxoon was created by leveraging Regards innovative learning and training science. Two years of R&D alongside testing with top brands like L’Oréal, Schneider Electric, and Thales, has resulted in the solution available today. Utilizing proven high retention interactive learning techniques, Klaxoon turns any discussion, meeting, brainstorming, conference call, seminar and of course classroom into a memorable and interactive knowledgeable experience.

Klaxoon Session allows users to simply plug in their content and be ready to offer simple, playful and effective activities to a group, including quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities or live messaging. Designed to be used by 2 to 1000 participants, Klaxoon Session and its activities are a 100% responsive mobile-first solution.

Klaxoon Adventure gives users the opportunity to develop content for game sessions that allow employees to compete against one another by answering questions about the content.

Klaxoon Reports captures and saves all of the information from a session. The knowledge and informational exchanges from a meeting can then be easily shared with all participants and called up for future reference.

KlaxoonCloud allows users to connect up to 1000 participants at once, making local or remote meetings, webinars or in-class or virtual learning courses more efficient and friendly.

KlaxoonBox is the world’s first learning solution with dedicated Wi-Fi connectivity. A private Wi-Fi connection for users and participants, this always-on connection allows for full control of data and guaranteed privacy. A Plug & Play solution, up to 100 participants can connect at any one time and its small size makes it easily transportable.

Klaxoon is designed to be used on a daily basis, by everyone. More than 10,000 users in 67 countries worldwide have already implemented Klaxoon tools to make training more efficient and friendly.

Klaxoon is accessible from any device (any smartphone, tablet or laptop running any OS) and requires no installation.