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About Talan

Talan is a consulting firm specialized in technological innovation and transformation.

For more than 15 years, Talan has been advising, supporting and implementing transformation projects for companies and administrations.  Present on five continents, the group plans to achieve a turnover of 400 million euros in 2021 for more than 4,000 consultants, and aims to exceed the threshold of one billion euros in turnover by 2024.

The group places innovation at the heart of its development and intervenes in areas related to technological changes in large groups, such as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The expansion of remote work has radically changed the way we interact with our peers. In this context of deep cultural transformation, organizations are rethinking their exchange spaces and collaborative practices to reposition the human being at the centre of their digital strategy.

Our Partnership

Thanks to the complementarity of Microsoft Teams and Klaxoon's collaborative solutions, it is now possible to energize and animate your meetings, workshops, training and courses remotely.

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