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Onepoint helps companies and actors from the public sector to lead their structural transformations successfully.

They provide expertise from strategy definition to operational execution, while always thinking "beyond the obvious", which has become their motto. They aim at impulsing new ways of working, new places, and new economic models.

Onepoint is mainly focused on developing an innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurial models to unveil talents and foster creativity.

As a trailblazer, onepoint designs new models, tests them internally and deploys them for their clients.

They are also working with experts accross many fields: developers, entrepreneurs, AI and data specialists, business strategists, philosophers, and sociologists. Last but not least, they implement relevant digital tools, to fit in the organizations and management modes they are working with. This allows them to develop their clients' innovative and creative potential.

Onepoint's role is to make suggestions to their clients and co-build new models with them, to find the right balance between digital technologies and ecological growth.

With this mindset, we have developed an open-plan organization, to mobilise a large panel of people and experts, and cross all their feedback to make the transformation process a success at all levels.

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