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About Mandarine Academy

Since 2008, Mandarine Academy has been supporting companies' digital transformation by facilitating the handling and use of new technologies, by all employees.

Their ambition: to support users in different areas:

- During the deployment of business applications

- Following a change of workstation / collaborative tools

- During telephony messaging deployment

In 2016, they launched the MOOC Office 365 ( ), a training platform dedicated to collaborative tools including video content, social learning, live training sessions with an expert trainer. The platform continues today to be enriched both in terms of content and functionalities (profile management, artificial intelligence, administration console & reporting).

In 2019, they launched DiLeaP, the customizable training platform to help companies make the leap to digital. Their coaching platform can be accessed directly by customers or partners wishing to offer a coaching solution to their users to accelerate the adoption of new uses.

In addition, they also offer coaching training: customized training and change management services.

Our Partnership

As their business is strongly driven by new collaborative uses of IT tools, this partnership with Klaxoon allows Mandarine Academy to bring a different approach to their educational models, to make them more participative and help users work better together thanks to Klaxoon.

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