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Sébastien Morin
Physical trainer specializing in basketball

Sébastien Morin is a physical trainer who coaches many well-known basketball players. He uses Klaxoon to make his training sessions more efficient and stay in touch with his athletes, even when he is thousands of kilometers away. And the players love it! They can see their progress wherever they are, and get real-time feedback on their performances. Everything is stored in one place to facilitate access to information. All this means that Sébastien Morin can coach far more people, even remotely.

Improve performances with a tailor-made support.

Following eight years in the NBA, Sébastien is back in France and pioneering remote coaching. All of Sébastien's athletes receive a tailor-made training program based on their profile, their level, and their objectives…

Their coach uses a highly visual Brainstorm to share the programs for training sessions, exercise videos, and data on their physical condition. Sébastien also uses survey Questions to collect feedback, learn and adapt!

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