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Lights on teamwork! Klaxoon produces the world first series dedicated to teamwork turning the subject into an art. The scale up that already counts millions of users launches The Teamwork Tour, an immersive Klaxoon original series with its most peculiar style that invite the viewers to meet with teams all around the world in order to unveil the source of their success.

Daring to do a serie to accelerate digital transformation of businesses

With around 1 billion people of the active population that work as a team, the subject is worthy to be highlighted. For 4 years klaxoon have been developing tools that improve teamwork efficiency. Every day, many users spontaneously share on social media their projects, results of brainstorm, benefits and uses of Klaxoon. Every week, there are hundreds of sharings within the Klaxoon community which continuously grows bigger.Thousands of ideas, tips, a deep source of inspiration that deserves to be put under the lights.

At Klaxoon, we have always been passionate about the way teams manage to work together, to interact, to synchronize. The Teamwork Tour is a project at the crossroad of documentary and series that will allow to meet with teams from all around the world to unveil their good practices, what make them be successful and strong.

Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon.

With digitization, the frontiers between cinema and series, documentaries and fiction are thinner. Smartphone movies and live streaming accelerated the rhythm, giving more room to spontaneity, creativity, music and giving everybody the possibility to become an actor. The first Klaxoon original series itself has been created collaboratively with inputs and new ideas that make it evaluate along the way in regards of the people met, the movies shots opportunities. The new media comes as a rupture with the traditional storytelling, somehow artificial of brands in order raise the public attention on teamwork and accelerate the digital transformation within organizations.A different voice, sincerer, more real, that flirts with intimacy to use the communication codes commonly used with the masses. “We could have done use cases sheets, but we made a series” adds Matthieu Beucher.

The teamwork tour season 1: “on the road”

The first season of the teamwork tour follow the teams during a US roadtrip across 16 major cities.The plot: 70 employees on the road around the US, several teams cover for 11 weeks topresent their product and produce a documentary on collaborative habits. In the cast, a bright fuchsia truck in which happens most of the scene of the series shot in natural surroundings with a crew of Klaxoon fellows that takes on the LA boulevards, the legendary New York avenues or the wild west deserts to meet with clients and future customers to spread the meeting revolution. Along the episodes, they meet with users and masses involved in the collaborative revolution that shakes up the work place. Season 1 is audacious, told as an American odyssey in which the fellowship of the Klaxoon truck give their voices to deliver the world a new vision of a more collaborative future.The series belongs to these ensemble shows in which the intrigue relies on a collective. No hero, but attendees, famous or anonyms, onboarded for the time of a stop to experiment Klaxoon tools to solve a problem, take a decision or think together. From the desert of Mojave, a step away from a Las Vegas cactus, to the bayous of Louisiana finishing in Austin, the pink shirts are coming to meet hundreds of teams eager to discover and test the new ways of working;Interviews, workshops, keynotes, brainstormings, testimonial, influencers insights, cut with life scenes that illustrate the power of collectives.

Since the beginning, driving ruptures.

Known for its approach and uncommon methods designed to strike the business public,Klaxoon innovate and launch a new immersive series written and produced by its own teams, shot in real time. A Non Identified Flying Object, stimulating, serious and spiced with the music of the crazy Pop Rock Dutch group Komodo that share with Klaxoon the taste for bright colors, dream of far west, desert blues and a certain seriousness in not being so.We drop a frontier to accelerate the sharing of good practices. Between TV series, clip and documentary, we meet with the team from all horizons. A work that takes time. A hybrid format between live and documentary, to melt instantaneity and long term; Episodes of different lengths, to never set any interdiction. The series which first three episodes are already available is broadcasted on social media, notably Instagram TV and the website.

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