Moodboard: represent the universe of a project or a product in a visual way as a team

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With the Template Moodboard, give free rein to the collective imagination and create together the trend board that will best represent your project or product. Express and visually organize all your ideas as a team Welcome to the most neutral of all Klaxoon Templates. Black and white, one of the most classic typography and the least amount of dressing possible.Why is this? Because it's up to you to create this moodboard: according to your subject, your goal, your needs... We wouldn't want to influence you ;-)

Build as a team a custom moodboard for each of your projects or products.

Used by all creative teams, the Moodboard or trend board allows to collect and organize all the ideas and inspirations that revolve around the team's project or a new product.

Photos, typographies, colors, materials, sketches... The sharing of visuals, drawings, sketches, has as a limit of only your imagination. At the office, at home, in the field or remotely, organize your research as a team, sort through the ideas in one click, vote for the most interesting and build the guideline together.
With the Template Moodboard, materialize in team the universe in which your project or product fits. You can even present it directly to your client, manager or team on Board!

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