Moodboard: visually represent a project or a product environment as a team



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With Moodboard, encapsulate your project or product environment by creating a customized moodboard collaboratively.

The Klaxoon Board: the ideal way to visually express and organize all your ideas as a team

Welcome to the most neutral of all Klaxoon templates. Black and white, a classic font and as little embellishment as possible. Why? Because it’s up to you to create and shape this moodboard however you like: depending on your topic, your goal, your needs and your preferences...

With the Moodboard template, let the collective imagination run wild and together create a trend board that will represent your project or product perfectly. Use Board's flexible, infinite and highly customizable space to visually express and organize all your ideas as a team by giving your creativity free rein.

Easily express and visually organize all your ideas as a team.

How does Klaxoon’s Moodboard template stimulate your team’s creativity?

With the Moodboard template, encapsulate your project environment as a team by creating a table to centralize all your ideas. Photos, typefaces, colors, materials or sketches - the only limit to sharing images is your imagination.

To successfully create a moodboard that best suits your needs, organize your research as a team, sort your ideas in one click, vote for the most interesting ones and develop a common vision together. Don’t forget to add words to give a better idea of the atmosphere and environment you want to create on your moodboard.

Once your board is complete, you can even present it directly to your client on Board so that they can share your vision. Now, thanks to the Klaxoon whiteboard, you and all your team members will be able to unleash your ideas and creativity to bring products and services that represent you to life.

Creating a moodboard with the Klaxoon template

First, invite all your team members and, if necessary, show them how to place their ideas on the Board and how to secure or move them using the “Move” option. Don’t forget to fill in the topic of your new trend board so that participants can send relevant keywords, either via the add ideas tool (symbol +), or directly with the text tool.

Then, during one brainstorming session to be more spontaneous, or later, start looking for visual inspiration to create your environment. Be sure to vary the types of images; Klaxoon has prepared 7 different ones for you but you can adjust them using the Category option.

Everyone votes for their favorite ideas using the Like feature. All you have to do is click on the heart, to check that you’re on the same wavelength before even choosing your images and dragging them onto the board.

Whenever you want, use the voting tool by generating a Question to make the final selection. Be sure to agree beforehand on the number of stars needed to validate an idea!

Now it’s time to create your moodboard! This genuine inspiration board is a unique space with endless possibilities for you to combine and arrange all the graphic elements you have selected. You can change the background color or add one in the pattern of your choice. You can fine-tune your client presentation directly on your collaborative Board, matching the color of your ideas to your background, or adding text or shapes as you see fit using the toolbar. You can even retrieve your images in their original format by double-clicking on them to download them.

Whether you’re working face-to-face or remotely, all you have to do then is open your moodboard to present it to your client or save a screenshot to share it!

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