Meetings in the USA: survey results are out!


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Survey conducted by Klaxoon & Propeller Insight shows the big trends in American Meetings.

meetings in the usa: survey results are out

What employees want: more collaboration!

57% This is the percentage of people admitting they need help from their colleagues in their work. A Klaxoon-Propeler Insight study highlights the close relationship between professional performance and teamwork. An appetite for teamwork that translates as a growing need to have more meetings.  Whether it is to make decisions or share information, meetings are popular. 58% of those surveyed have seen their number of requests for meetings increase between 2016 and 2017. Managers are especially concerned, with over 70% more requests. During this same period, 67% replied that they collaborated more.

Involve teams to boost engagement

American companies face recurring challenges that impact their meeting performance. Lack of concentration, poor debates, remote teams feeling isolated; 29% of those surveyed admit to do other projects during meetings. This can be explained by a lack of participation that results in losing interest and engagement. More than a third of participants say that their attention drops when they are not participating.

Meetings: essential to business

Far from alarming discourse, these figures highlight the strong desire of teams to stray from classic models of top-down meetings towards moments of collaboration, sharing, and interacting. The most successful companies have understood that meetings are essential because nothing can stop a team that collaborates effectively. Survey results on this infographic:

meetings in usa, a survey by Klaxoon
Survey conducted by Klaxoon on meetings in america.

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