Klaxoon Teamwork Tour of America Brings The Meeting Revolution to the US workforce


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From Mojave Desert, Las Vegas Nevada.Klaxoon, the global champion of cloud-based teamwork solutions, kicks off today its Teamwork Tour of America, with an immersive mobile truck providing people with insights into the Future of Work while allowing them to discover Klaxoon3, the latest innovation to make meetings and teamwork more efficient.

An unprecedented launch

At the heart of the project: meet up with US workers to launch Klaxoon3, the meeting revolution. To do so, Klaxoon unveils in Mojave, a specially designed 60ft truck that has been transformed into an interactive experience where people of all job levels and industries can participate in numerous activities that demonstrate Klaxoon. The traveling tour will hit 16 cities over an eleven-week period and will onboard thousands of people into the meeting revolution.The world first teamwork tour will start in the Mojave Desert during CES and will arrive in Austin Texas for SXSW.

Along the road, the Klaxoon teamwork truck will meet with the US workforce, stopping in key locations in the cities, at universities as well as at customers such as Schneider Electric, Jonhson & Jonhson or Microsoft - its new R&D partner - with which Klaxoon developed Suggestions, an AI feature of Klaxoon Brainstorm.Taking its roots into the famous book of Jack Kerouac, On the road, the secret projectcodenamed “Jack” that has been in preparation for months, is an unprecedented launch for a software company. Just as Kerouac instigated the Beat generation, Klaxoon is hitting the road to spread the meeting revolution while launching Klaxoon3.Following years of development and collaboration with some of the world’s most recognized Fortune 500 companies, Klaxoon3 brings new levels of interaction and functionality to the platform. These new features include Questions, the fastest and simplest way to ask questions to a team as well as gather and interpret information from Klaxoon and personal networks, Board – an industry reference in brainstorming (featuring AI that anticipates next steps and triggers automatic integration with Microsoft’s suite of tools) and the launch of a dedicated Klaxoon App for iOS and Android to simplify navigation and to take advantage of native capabilities such as push notifications.During the Teamwork Tour, Klaxoon will run a first-of-a-kind survey on the teamwork habits of Americans. Along the road, Klaxoon will be researching people’s attitudes to meetings and working practices to see how workplaces compare all across The States.

A unique market approach

Klaxoon is revolutionizing the way organizations harness the power of their teams with solutions designed to make meetings more efficient and work practices more collaborative. From increasing engagement, facilitating better and faster decisions, improving information retention and encouraging creativity, Klaxoon is currently being used by millions of users in more than 120 countries.Since its enterprise solutions power the collective strength of individuals within organizations, Klaxoon has taken a disruptive approach for a B2B software provider by being the first software company that directly addresses the masses. The project is a natural step forward for Klaxoon, that, since its launch in 2015, has always intended to put professional teamwork tools in the hands of everyone. An 100% customer centric approach that also reflects the indisputable trademark of the brand that has always taken good care in providing a strong support in the digital transformation of its clients.One moto: Hop On Board! A unique and inclusive approach to customer experience with the world’s first truck that helps teams make their meetings more efficient. In less than 30 minutes, people from any type of company, from teams of all sizes, and any kind of jobs, will learn how to drastically improve meeting efficiency. Extra sessions will allow them to go further and explore various aspects of the Future of Work and learn new ways of working with access to meeting experts, keynote speakers, workshops and masterclasses on a wide range of subjects. Remote teamwork, digitization, globalization of the teams, agile methodology; many topics at the very heart of the workers interests will be covered.

The Klaxoon Teamwork Tour experience

Inside the Klaxoon Teamwork truck are curated interactive experiences based on the software’s original launch at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Dedicated activities showcase some of the latest developments with Klaxoon and easy techniques to improve work habits. Participants will experience:

  • Questions - the simplest, quickest and most efficient tool to ask questions in a stimulating way within a team. Users are able to easily ask open questions, create polls, send challenges, gather votes and evaluate responses. Questions may be posed to team members within Klaxoon or shared globally with anyone via text message, email or social networks, whether they are Klaxoon users or not.
  • Brainstorm - bring meetings into a new era. Design thinking, agile methodology, creativity sessions, visual management, Klaxoon relies on that latest advancements in collaborative techniques to propose a tool even more simple than before, boosted with unprecedented new capabilities.
  • Workshops and Masterclasses - providing practical information and tips and tricks on a range of work-related issues including how to improve meeting efficiency, increasing agility, design thinking, blended learning and enhanced collaborations
  • Teamwork Survey - participate in a first-of-a-kind survey on the teamwork habits of Americans. Along the road, Klaxoon will be researching people’s attitudes to meetings and working practices to see how workplaces compare across The States.
  • Free trials - and subscription offers to be able to start their own meeting revolution
From the outset we designed Klaxoon to be as simple and as engaging as possible to help drive adoption of its powerful tools to improve meetings and teamwork.In this spirit, we have created the Klaxoon Teamwork Tour as an immersive experience where people can explore, learn and be inspired by the latest tools that can help them in their working lives. Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon

Catching Up With Klaxoon

The Teamwork Tour will be visiting various Universities, company campuses and financial districts over an eleven-week period. It will visit 16 cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta, New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston and Austin.

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