Klaxoon teams up with tech giants to launch the "MeetingBoard"


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The Startup Klaxoon, twice CES Innovation Award honoree, is back to Las Vegas to accelerate the Meeting Revolution. Its suite of innovative tools that makes everyone participate, shortens meetings and boosts decision-making can now be used anywhere, via the MeetingBoard, a state-of-the-art yet highly affordable smart & mobile meeting space.

Figures and testimonies speak for themselves: collaborative tools developed by Klaxoon are used by 500,000 users in thousands of teams, from small companies to Fortune 500 over 120 countries. Feedback shows that their meetings have become more effective, average meeting times are halved, ten times more ideas are produced, and three times more decisions are made.Based on years of experience and research, Klaxoon’s success has been driven by the conviction that more needs to be done to make the best collaborative methods and tools available to all. The Klaxoon all-in-one suite of tools, which has received multiple awards, including at Las Vegas CES in 2016 and 2017 was born out of this vision. Simple and easy to use, yet powerful and affordable, Klaxoon’s tools such as brainstorms, quizzes, challenges, to name but a few, provide an all-in-one solution to boost teamwork.Yet, for the French start-up, not only the tools but also the capability of using them in a flexible manner, no matter what business or location, have been out of reach for too long. Space and budget constraints as well as intricate apparatus often discourage many from looking for appropriate solutions to smarten their meetings. The new “MeetingBoard” offer is a response to a growing demand for affordable, easy to set-up meeting spaces providing the right atmosphere and tools to let everyone participate.

Tear down those meeting rooms walls!

With its new MeetingBoard, Klaxoon has now committed to tearing down the walls of those meeting rooms and letting every organization benefit from its collective and teamwork apps anywhere in the workspace.To figure out how the MeetingBoard can work for you, imagine you could take advantage of any corner of your workspace and use them for efficient and innovative meetings – from the reception, a hallway, a factory floor or even the coffee room. Powered by the Klaxoon Box which creates its own wi-fi network, the new MeetingBoard is fully autonomous and does not need an internet connection for participants to join in and interact. Meetings can start at the touch of a button, wherever, whenever.Imagine your team interacting physically with this state-of-the-art screen and enjoying Klaxoon’s set of collaborative apps, which thousands of companies have chosen to boost their meetings’ efficiency. This is what Klaxoon’s MeetingBoard, an all-in-one smart and mobile meeting space, ready to roll, anywhere, anytime promises to deliver to any organisation from 2,990 USD.

Simple and efficient

Powered by the Klaxoon Box, the new MeetingBoard is anything but a mazelike device loaded with software. Extremely easy to use, it focuses on the purpose and strength of Klaxoon’s products : lets people easily conduct meetings where everyone participates and makes collective decisions.To make this possible, Klaxoon has teamed up with major players in consumer electronics, such as Samsung, LG and iiyama. They have blended Klaxoon’s highly interoperable set of collaborative apps together with their next generation touch screens to make the MeetingBoard the most powerful, easy-to-use and affordable high-tech solution dedicated to efficient meetings on the market.

We want to allow our customers to use our tools without any constraints due to location, facilities or hardware costs, says Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon’s CEO.As a major player in this revolution, Klaxoon is able to team up with businesses who are also changing the future of work through their high-tech products or innovative services.

Meet Klaxoon at the Vegas CES

As well as learning more about the new MeetingBoard offer, visitors to Klaxoon’s stand at CES will discover the new version of Klaxoon’s action-packed collaborative suite.  Its set of tools and activities, including meeting apps, polls, challenges, quizzes, brainstorms, word clouds and adventures have been made more powerful and simple to use. New features to stimulate agility and information sharing, like visually powerful capsules – a new media of its own – and an eye-catching Klaxoon Network space have been added to the Klaxoon suite.

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