Klaxoon honoured in Microsoft 365 app awards in “Best User Experience” category


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Orlando. Klaxoon was awarded with a “Best User Experience” in the 2019 Microsoft 365 app awards. The Microsoft 365 app awards recognize companies that have built applications on the Microsoft 365 platform for both Office and Windows. The awards recognize apps that do a particularly great job customizing the productivity experience for Microsoft 365 users. Microsoft judges reviewed these apps for how well they integrate with Office and Windows and their ability to enhance business productivity and user experience.

In November 2018, it was announced on stage at Microsoft Experiences18 a first collaboration between Klaxoon and Microsoft, followed by a live demo of Klaxoon’s interoperability with Teams. A year later, Klaxoon is once again put in the spotlight by its global partner as its grabs 2nd place for “Best User Experience” in the Microsoft 365 app awards unveiled on stage at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida.

Klaxoon is once again put in the spotlight by its global partner as its grabs 2nd place for “Best User Experience”

At Microsoft Build this year, Klaxoon had already been mentioned in a list of top partner apps in the Modern Workplace ecosystem. This time at Microsoft Ignite19, Klaxoon’s design gets recognized as best-in-class for providing Microsoft 365 users with a unique experience of collaboration.

We are very proud to be elected as one of the best apps in Microsoft 365. The connection of our tools is the fruit of great teamwork between our respective R&D teams in Rennes, France and Seattle, USA. It shows that the work revolution, driven by new collaborative tools, is now more than ever a universal challenge and knows no borders. This collaboration also confirms the strategy of openness that is central to Klaxoon’s approach, which was based from the get-go on 100% web-based and interoperable technologies. Our capacity to be interconnected will unleash these new tools’ potential for as many people as possible.Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon’s CEO
The app awards recognize Microsoft partners that do an outstanding job at creating great user experiences that integrate with the Microsoft 365 platform. On behalf of our joint customers, we are thrilled to recognize Klaxoon for their outstanding work on the Klaxoon platform.Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp

Overall, this award reflects the ground covered in less than a year.

Bringing a new dimension to teamwork

By announcing the interoperability of its tools, Klaxoon’s solutions are simple, efficient, accessible at anytime. But on the other hand, they must also allow their users to make best use of their innovative capacities. Microsoft Teams users now have access to the entire suite of tools created by Klaxoon (Brainstorm, Question, Quiz, Survey, etc.) and are able to synchronize faster and more efficiently.Launched in 2015, Klaxoon has been adopted by millions of people around the world. The platform improves team collaboration whether used inside or outside the office. Teams of all sizes and functions use the platform everyday.When combining Teams and Klaxoon together, users get to:

  • Boost meeting efficiencyRunning a meeting with Teams and Klaxoon offers a unique, all-in-one experience of efficiency with videoconferencing, messaging, doc sharing powered by Klaxoon’s interactive and collaborative activities. Even from the distance, you get 100% participation.
  • Accelerate collective decision-makingMake it easier and more productive directly from Teams as everyone participates in the process especially thanks to Klaxoon Questions and Brainstorm’s features. No more information lost, everything is accessible from a Klaxoon Tab in a Teams channel.
  • Save time Sync faster as all information is stored and accessible from one same interface and use Klaxoon’s unique approach to teamwork in order to collect feedback in seconds and make information more visual. With Klaxoon, users divide their meeting time in half and manage twice more projects.
Klaxoon and Microsoft teams

Aesthetics at the heart of Klaxoon’s interface

Klaxoon has a unique approach for collaborative tools, mixing both hardware and software. The R&D department, composed of 80 engineers and designers, strives to work as architects of virtual spaces for efficient teamwork.Klaxoon’s state-of-the-art SaaS platform provides users with an easy navigation. A great attention was paid to design:

  • User Interface (UI)Collaboration is a central part of the UI, with the possibility to like, comment, evaluate, share so that everybody can interact with all Klaxoon content quickly and intuitively. Combining intuitive design and advanced functionalities, Klaxoon’s solution is a timeless interface that combines comfort, pleasure and efficiency when working in teams.
  • User Experience (UX)The platform is designed as a physical workspace and the UX has been fine-tuned to generate a pleasant and optimal navigation. Elegance, one word to sum up the design of Klaxoon as it aims to catch the eye without being aggressive. An aesthetic bias inspired by the Bauhaus school for whom “the form serves the content”.
  • Show firstA demanding design strategy implemented by Klaxoon’s R&D in order to guarantee the elegance of the platform on any screen: TVs, computers and of course smartphones. At a button of a click, the information is displayed instantly.

The interoperability between Klaxoon’s tools and Microsoft Office 365 Teams will enable millions of users of both ecosystems to improve teamwork within their organizations and collaborate more quickly and more efficiently.

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