It's not distance that separates us, but silence


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A message coming from San Francisco...

Drakes Bay beach, North of San Francisco, Thursday, August 20, 2020, artwork of Andres Amador.

We met Andres a few weeks ago. Despite the distance and the time difference, we developed a certain rapport around a shared vision. With his ephemeral work, Andres is ushering in a new form of dialogue that speaks to people all over the world, through time and space. So, we decided to pick up a pen together…

Being physically apart has always been seen as a major obstacle to successful collaboration. But whether you are in the same place or working remotely, the real challenge is to make sure that the team is interacting effectively. Giving everyone an opportunity to express themselves and be heard allows the best teams to make the difference.

Andres Amador's collaborative art

My dream is to make works of art all over the world, and to get as many people as possible involved in creating them. Andres Amador, beach artist

Andres Amador's childhood was marked by the famous street murals of San Francisco's Mission District. After graduating in environmental science from the University of California, Davis, he joined the peace corps, working on educational projects in Ecuador.In 2004, Andres Amador started creating ephemeral works of art in the sand, drawing inspiration from multiple sources (travel, dancing, painting, sculpture, etc.). His specialty is drawing geometric and organic shapes that can be found in nature, on areas that sometimes exceed 10,000 m².

An internationally renowned artist, he often asks his public to join him in creating these works during collaborative workshops. He has produced hundreds of works in Mexico, the USA, and in Europe.

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