Introducing New Features to Measure and Enhance Engagement in All Your Klaxoon Activities


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The all-in-one Klaxoon platform is now equipped with unique new features to help you measure and increase participant engagement in your activities. With advanced statistics and easy real-time tracking, Klaxoon reinforces its position as the leading solution for generating and measuring your teams' engagement throughout their collaboration.

The Power of Engagement for Enhanced Performance

Engagement is essential to collective performance. Since the creation of Klaxoon, we have often demonstrated that the teams who generate the best results are also those who are the most engaged on a daily basis. Whether in project management, training, meetings, on site or remotely, engagement represents the willingness of individuals to actively contribute to the achievement of a common vision and objectives.

While generating engagement is key, measuring it is just as important. Identifying and understanding the practices that help you get your participants more involved takes your organization's effectiveness to the next level. With this in mind, we have developed a set of new features focused on measuring and highlighting engagement on the all-in-one Klaxoon platform.

The Klaxoon Platform, a Unique Lever to Drive Engagement

Klaxoon is the only all-in-one collaborative platform that lets you accurately measure participants' level of engagement in each of your activities. Anytime, anywhere, our aim is to help you unleash your teams' potential and achieve more together, by giving everyone a voice and fostering a culture of active participation.

Thanks to our new features, you can identify precisely what does or doesn't generate engagement in each of your Boards, Memos, Quizzes, Surveys,... So you can easily define areas for improvement to deliver a better experience to your participants, and achieve your objectives more quickly.

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Highlight Your Engagement Metrics in All Your Activities

From now on, as a host, you can access a dashboard with all your engagement-related metrics via the new Statistics feature:

  • Total Number of Participants: The number of people who have joined your activity since its creation.
  • Number of Contributors: The number of people who are currently interacting with your activity, for example by adding ideas to a Board, completing a Quiz or reading a Memo.
  • Activity Participation Rate: The ratio of the number of contributors to the total number of participants.
  • Activity Progress Level: This shows the detailed level of interaction with an activity. For example, in a Memo, the number of people who interacted with each page, or each question for a Quiz or Survey.
A screenshot of the Statistics dashboard, linked to participant engagement in an activity. | Klaxoon
Whatever your Klaxoon activity, a detailed dashboard gives you clear visibility of your engagement results.

You can also track the evolution of your engagement metrics over time, so you can understand the impact of the changes you have made to your activities step by step.

We look forward to seeing you soon to test out these new features, and to discovering many more new ways of boosting your engagement! This unprecedented evolution of the Klaxoon all-in-one platform makes it the ultimate workspace for generating ever more engagement, and enhancing it at every stage of your collaboration.

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