Impossible until it's done


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A message coming from Cape Town...

Rooi-Els beach, Cap Town, Friday, August 20, 2020, artwork of Andrew van der Merwe.

Based in South Africa, Andrew van der Merwe is a pioneer of beach art and a lover of beautiful letters. As a calligrapher, he understands the importance of choosing the best typography to express his ideas through his work; of communicating a message through images; of making it concrete, visible, and perceptible. In short, of making it comprehensible to everyone.

A visual management of ideas, where the form is at the service of the substance. At Klaxoon, we see things the same way, so we chose Andrew to use his talent to illustrate a sentence that is deeply meaningful in a country like South Africa, and which resonates around the world.“It always seems impossible, until it’s done”.

Nelson Mandela was a figurehead of the fight against apartheid. With these words, he urges us to face situations that seem intractable: How can we develop the resilience we need to cope with any situation, despite our fears, and the obstacles and prejudices we may face? Remote teamwork can seem impossible. Being all together in the same place has long been the norm.

Yet it is possible to work remotely as a team, as long as you make sure you have a place to synchronize your actions in a way that is clear to everyone. Synchronization allows a group to have a shared goal and to make decisions efficiently by promoting collective intelligence, even remotely.That can seem impossible... until you do it…

Andrew van der Merwe: The calligrapher from Cape Town

Beach calligraphy should be reminiscent of poetry; with a certain logic and a system of movement. Andrew van der Merwe, calligrapher

Andrew van der Merwe is a professional calligrapher and letter artist. He has been passionate about calligraphy since his childhood. He has also created several works of calligraphy, including scrolls given by Cape Town to Nelson Mandela, and Michelle and Barack Obama by way of thanks for their services to the city.

Andrew also expresses his creativity through another art form; beach calligraphy. He has developed his own techniques and designed specific instruments to adapt his calligraphy to his surroundings, thereby creating contrasts of texture and color. His sketches and drawings are artistic reinterpretations of Tuareg, Ghanaian, and sub-Saharan alphabets.

Fascinated by nature and by the beauty of South African landscapes, Andrew invents letters and symbols that enable him to talk to the whole world through his calligraphy. What better place than the wide-open spaces of a beach to present his messages?

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